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Gift ideas
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Would you like to shop for gifts that make everyone's heart beat faster without stress? Here you will find a variety of ideas for gifts for...
Malas, Necklaces & Bracelets
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Jewellery that pleases the eye: discover the beautiful pieces of jewellery in the YOGISHOP.
Statues, Symbols & Deco
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Statues or idols of popular deities are omnipresent in the land of yoga. In the YOGISHOP you will find a selection of different statues for you.
Singing Bowls & Sounding Bodies
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Singing bowls and sound bodies for sound massages and for initiating yoga classes or meditation can be found here.
Incense holders and vessels
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Incense holders with noble carvings as well as precious incense burners made of clay, brass ...
Incense sticks
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High quality incense sticks in many inspiring fragrances.
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For ceremonial incense and to improve the atmosphere of the room

Yoga accessories come in a wide variety of shapes and forms - from posters and wall banners with yantras or mandalas to idols from the Indian world of gods for your yoga room to high-quality incense, singing bowls and much more. Accessories from the YOGISHOP complete the yogic lifestyle, offer incentives for meditation and carry yoga beyond the asana practice into the middle of your life

Accessories surround you with symbols from the yogic tradition

Whether it's Om or sacred geometric shapes, there are symbols and images in the rich spiritual tradition of yoga that can serve as objects of meditation and that you simply love to surround yourself with. The accessories that YOGISHOP has in store for you include such images and symbols of yoga in beautiful representations on posters, postcards and on wall banners - a great idea for decorating your yoga room at home or your studio, for example. Those who have delved into Indian mythology and have a relationship to deities such as Shiva (who is considered the Lord of Yoga), Ganesha, Krishna or the Indian goddesses who promise abundance and wisdom, such as Lakshmi or Sarasvati, will also find filigree statues of gods among our accessories, which you can place on your personal small altar, for example. Of course, we also have statues and motifs from the Buddhist tradition among our accessories. Furthermore, you will also find pictures and accessories from other spiritual traditions among the accessories in the YOGISHOP, such as angel accessories, the "Flower of Life" and other motifs and symbols.

Were you looking for gift ideas? You've come to the right place with our accessories!

Are you looking for something to put a smile on someone's face? Something beautiful, something meaningful, for someone who practices yoga and/or is interested in the yoga lifestyle? Then you will definitely find what you are looking for in the YOGISHOP accessories! Browse through our special sub-category for gift ideas, where we have already put together many great suggestions for you. There is something for everyone here - small and larger surprises for yoginis as well as yogis.
By the way, you can also find our vouchers here in the accessories section, with which you can always make every yoga enthusiast happy. Now also available as an online voucher!

Particularly popular accessories: malas and jewellery

For most yogis, yoga does not stop at the yoga mat, but is part of their life and everyday life. For example, yoginis particularly like to wear jewellery whose symbols and motifs are linked to yoga. In this way, you always carry with you on the outside what is important to you and what occupies you on the inside. In the YOGISHOP you will find extraordinarily beautiful and lovingly designed jewellery collcetions from various manufacturers. High-quality bangles, bracelets, necklaces and pendants are just as much a part of our accessories as the trendy washable mandala tattoos. Different styles (such as vintage jewellery) are of course represented, so that there is something for every taste in the assortment. Special energy jewellery is also included. More than just jewellery, of course, are the unique malas that you can discover among our accessories. Malas are traditionally used for mantra meditation and thus have a similar meaning to the rosary in Christianity. At the same time, they are of course also a feast for the eyes and are often worn as jewellery. You can find malas in many individual variations in our accessories. Enjoy the yoga jewellery from the YOGISHOP!

Also part of the accessories range: incense and incense accessories

For a long time, yoga and incense sticks were often strongly associated with each other, according to the motto: You can recognise a yoga studio because it smells of incense sticks. While this is a clichéd portrayal, it is true that many yogis are very fond of using incense - just as in the country of yoga's origin, India, one encounters the scent of incense almost everywhere - and especially where spiritual gathering is concerned. Incense can have different effects depending on the composition of the ingredients, and among the accessories in the YOGISHOP you will of course find many different kinds of incense sticks and incense. In general, it can be said that incense can promote and support meditation, energetically cleanse and balance rooms, and delight and stimulate the senses. It is important that the incense is of high quality and free of harmful substances. You can find such incense (in the form of incense sticks as well as loose incense in the form of resins, dried blossoms, powder etc.) under the accessories in the YOGISHOP together with an attractive selection of incense holders and other accessories such as teapots, incense burners and screens for incense charcoal. With the incense accessories from the YOGISHOP, using incense is particularly enjoyable.

Special accessories: singing bowls

The ancient yogis were apparently already aware of the healing power of sound. In other traditions, too, the effect of sound has been explored since time immemorial and used for meditation and healing ceremonies. Singing bowls are an instrument that produces particularly soothing sounds. Perhaps you already have experience with singing bowl massages or would like to rediscover the experience of sound vibration. You can find singing bowls in different sizes and with different tones in the YOGISHOP here in the accessories category.

Accessories in the YOGISHOP: carefully selected for you

The YOGISHOP is your special online shop for yoga. Our team has a great love and enthusiasm for yoga and meditation and is at home in the most diverse directions of yoga. We are always on the lookout for new and good products - not only in the areas of practice equipment as well as books, music and DVDs, but also in the area of accessories. We choose our accessories carefully and can of course advise you on accessories if required. As we are always expanding our range of accessories, it is worth taking a look from time to time. For example, we always have new collections of jewellery, but the other accessories are also often supplemented with great new items.

Accessories for asana practice

YOGISHOP offers a wide range of accessories not only for the spiritual lifestyle, but also for asana practice. These include, for example, posters with photo sequences for various exercise series, which you can find here in this section. If, however, when you think of accessories you rather think of carry straps, arm warmers, yoga bags or the like, then surf to our sections with practical equipment (Yoga accessories): There we have listed these kinds of accessories separately for you!
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