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Palo Santo pieces (chips), 25 g

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Coarse incense made from Palo Santo - the "holy wood" of South America.

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Palo Santo is - as the name suggests - the "holy wood" of South America, comparable to sandalwood in India. Because it is extremely rich in essential oil, it smells very intense. It grows mainly in Peru. The Peruvians believe that their palo santo has strong powers - after all, it thrives even on very poor soils. It smells wonderfully sweet, warm and aromatic with a hint of coconut. In the ancient Andean peoples, palo santo was a main ingredient in ritual, religious and magical celebrations. It has the power to dispel negative energies and lead our meditation into the depths. It calms the flow of thoughts, helps us dissolve anger, relaxes us and opens us up to spiritual moments.

The small bowl is for product illustration and is not included.

25 g, coarse

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