Wandschmuck "Blume des Lebens", Holz 9cm

Product number: 112986

Ideal for energising living spaces!

The sacred geometry of the universe...basis as well as existence of all that is. The flower of life with its 19 circles is a strong vibrational symbol, which creates an absolutely harmonious, vibrating field.

This symbol has always been generally widespread throughout the world and creates perfect order within itself. The flower of life helps us to remember who we really are, is able to dissolve our blockages and to release life energy accordingly.

Material: Birch plywood
9 cm
0.002 kg
9 cm
9 cm
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Valeria writes:
Beautifully filigree work and versatile.
Ery writes:
The little flower of life inspired me. I changed the colour of some of them (gold/silver), but in the end the natural version is almost the more beautiful version.
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