Tabs for the dishwasher

The main active ingredients in Sonett dishwasher tabs are soda, silicates and sulphated castor oil.

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The main active ingredients in Sonett tabs for the dishwasher are soda, silicates and sulphated castor oil. They swell food residues, emulsify and dissolve fats. Bleaching oxygen (sodium percarbonate) is used to remove tea and coffee residue from glasses and cups.

Citrate and polyaspartic acid (protein substance that occurs in snails and mussel shells, but is petrochemically reproduced) effectively catch limescale residues in the rinsing water. As with all Sonett products, the ingredients are completely biodegradable Important: Set the dishwasher softener 10 °dH / 18 °fH higher than the actual water hardness.

Application areas:
Suitable for all household dishwashers. Only for dishwasher-safe dishes. Not suitable for silver, lead crystal and hand-painted porcelain.
For setting the ion exchanger in the dishwasher

Normally soiled dishes: 1 tab per rinse cycle
Heavily soiled dishes: 2 tabs per rinse cycle
Note - important for good dishwashing results: Set the dishwasher softener one hardness range higher than the actual water hardness. For example, if you have water hardness range II (8.4-14° dH/  15-25° fH), then set it to hardness range III (>14° dH / >25° fH). Please refer to the instructions for use of your dishwasher (see information sheet "Dishwasher detergent" ). The chambers for regenerating salt and rinse aid should always be filled.

Sale units/container:
12 x 2 x 20 g tabs samples
EAN Code: 4007547 40290 4
5 x 500 g box of 25 tabs                   
EAN Code: 4007547 40280 5
1 x 800 pcs Tabs loose
EAN Code: 4007547 40330 7
UBA: 036 000 40
Product declaration:

Citrate > 30%
Soda 15-30%
Sodium percarbonate 5-15%
Silicates 5-15%
Sodium bicarbonate 5-15%
Polyaspartic acid sodium salt 1-5%          
Iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt 1-5%         
Sulfated castor oil 1-5%
Sugar tenside 1-5%
Rapeseed oil, from contr. organic cultivation <1%
List of ingredients according to EC 648/2004:

Sodium Citrate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Polyaspartate, Sodium Iminodisuccinate, Sodium Silicate, Sulfated Castor Oil, Alkylpolyglucoside C8-16, Potassium Soap*
*certified organically grown
Origin and properties of the ingredients:

The main active ingredients in Sonett Tabs for the dishwasher are soda, silicates and sulphated castor oil. Silicates are obtained by fusing sand with soda and, due to their alkalinity, are capable of transforming the grease on the dishes by saponification and making them water-soluble. Sticking food residues are swollen and dissolved by these silicates. Soda, made from common salt and lime, disperses the fat into fine droplets and thus supports the fat dissolving power of the silicates. Adding small amounts of sulphated castor oil reduces the surface tension of the water so that the dirt can be better wetted by the water. Sulphated castor oil, also called Turkish red oil, is obtained by reacting castor oil with sulphuric acid. In addition, the tabs contain bleaching oxygen (sodium percarbonate). During the rinsing process, sodium percarbonate splits off oxygen in addition to water and soda. The oxygen that is released is used to remove tea and coffee residues on glasses and cups.
Sodium percarbonate is an addition compound of hydrogen peroxide to soda (sodium carbonate).
Citrate, obtained from the fermentation of sugar-containing by-products such as molasses, is added to machine dishwashing detergent to bind the limescale in the rinse water and protect the machine from deposits. As many dishwashers still feed in too much lime-rich water despite having a built-in ion exchanger (water softener), the citrate is reinforced by the lime-binding power of iminodisuccinic acid and polyaspartic acid. Polyaspartic acid, a protein substance, is found in nature, e.g. in the shells of mussels and snails, where it regulates shell growth. However, the polyaspartic acid used is not obtained directly from nature, but synthesised petrochemically - in a closed manufacturing cycle, without any other waste products. The same applies to iminodisuccinic acid. Polyaspartic acid, iminodisuccinic acid and the salts of both substances are completely biodegradable.
Product feature:

Sonett Tabs contain minerals and fully biodegradable organic ingredients. They contain no enzymes, no aggressive chlorine-based bleaching agents, no phosphates and no fragrances.

Vegan Society
Technical data:
1 tab corresponds to approx. 20 g
pH value: (20 °C, 5 g/l H2O) approx. 10.5-11
Store well closed and dry

Silicates and soda ash are mineral substances that do not need to be further degraded in nature.

Citrate, a substance present in plants, animals and humans, is completely degraded in nature by naturally occurring microorganisms in 2-3 days. Sodium percarbonate already decomposes itself into mineral soda, water and oxygen during the washing and bleaching process and thus leaves the dishwasher in a state that does not require any further decomposition. In other words, the bleaching process is also the decomposition process. Polyaspartic acid, a protein substance, is completely degraded in nature to water, carbon dioxide and nitrogenous salts. In the production process of sugar tenside and sulphated castor oil, parts are taken out of the vegetable raw materials starch, sugar and fat, which, however, remain completely intact in their natural structural fabric. Therefore, it is relatively easy for microorganisms to quickly and completely degrade these surfactants to 100%.

Citrate, polyaspartic acid, sugar surfactants and sulphated castor oil are considered readily biodegradable according to OECD.

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Legal notice
Causes severe eye irritation. If medical advice is needed, have packaging or label at hand. Keep out of the reach of children. Wear eye protection. In case of contact with eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if possible. Rinse further.
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