The original neti® nasal rinsing jugs are made of high-quality porcelain and are particularly durable. They are delivered in a high-quality gift box made of environmentally friendly corrugated cardboard with detailed instructions for use.

  • Capacity approx. 125 ml
  • handmade in Germany
  • dishwasher safe
  • hygienic
  • long-lasting

The neti nasal rinsing:
Use the wisdom of the yogis. The gentle nasal rinse with isotonic saline solution is a millennia-old cleansing ritual of the yoga tradition. It cleanses the nasal mucous membranes of viruses, bacteria, germs, pollen and fine dust and thus supports the body in a natural way against the environmental stresses to which we are exposed every day. Nasal rinsing can be used daily - just like brushing your teeth regularly. The free flow of breath into your nose significantly increases your well-being.

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Reviews for Neti® - Nasal Rinsing Pot
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Brigitte writes:
Very beautiful and just right.
Quick purchase!
rowena swarnamali writes:
I like it very much. Practical, pleasant to use and beautiful to look at. I also like that it is available in different beautiful colours.
Eva-Maria writes:
My neti pot had broken after 18 years. The new one is just as beautiful and practical as the old one. I use it every morning and, for example, after dusty gardening. The shape hasn't changed and I'm glad I got a new one quickly and easily,
Ruth writes:
Dear Folks,
Years ago, I received this pot as a gift from a dear friend.
Especially in winter, I use it regularly. I couldn't be without it any more. Out of enthusiasm for it, I tell many people about this jogging exercise.
That's why I had to order 4 jugs now, so that the next time I rave about it, I can give one away.
I haven't found anything like it anywhere near us.
Thank you and best regards
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