neti® nasal rinsing salt, refill bag, natural, 450 g

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neti® salt, natural, refill bag

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One level neti® measuring spoon of nasal rinsing salt dissolved in 125 ml of warm water makes an isotonic saline solution for a neti® nasal rinsing pot neti® nasal rinsing pot.

This nasal rinsing salt is crystallised from natural brine extracted from deep layers of rock in the resin. Its origin is sea salt deposits many millions of years old in natural composition and thus free from modern environmental pollution as we find it in seawater today. This nasal rinsing salt is also easily soluble with a somewhat coarser grain size and many people like to use it for nasal rinsing.

450g bag of naturally pure deep salt (sodium chloride), natural for approx. 400 neti® jug fillings.
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