neti® nasal rinsing salt tin with measuring spoon, 70 g

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neti® salt box, plastic, with measuring spoon.

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A nasal douche with salt water is now considered by doctors to be the most effective method of alleviating colds or even preventing them altogether. Focus wrote in its 6/2008 issue "Washing your nose helps - daily use reduces the number of infections." Try it! 
70g pure table salt for approx. 60 neti® pot fillings. Suitable for allergy sufferers

This high-purity nasal rinsing salt, obtained from rock salt, is free from additives or natural accompanying substances, as far as is technically detectable. It is certified according to the European Pharmacopoeia. The mining and further processing take place entirely in Eruopa it is excellently suitable for nasal rinsing, as it does not cause any irritation when no irritation whatsoever when dosed correctly. It is fine-grained and easily soluble. It is not suitable for cooking, as natural salt tastes better and is tastes better and can also be better processed by the body.

TIP: Especially recommended for allergy sufferers and sensitive people!

This salt box fits exactly into the opening of the neti® jugs - this has proven to be ideal when travelling!
neti® salt jar, plastic, with measuring spoon and dosage recommendation.
The measuring spoon holds approx. 1 ml of neti® nasal rinsing salt.
The measuring spoon is inside the tin.
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Measuring spoon: Polypropylene
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Daniela writes:
The salt dissolves quickly - great!
Very nice customer service - quick response to my questions!
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