Ashwagandha - ayurvedic vegetable oil soap, 100 g

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Special care for mature skin. 100g

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Ashwaganda - the nourishing fruit of the winter cherry, stands for rejuvenation and beauty, regenerates the skin and promotes calm and clarity. Its toning and balancing effect is beneficial for mature, stressed and exhausted skin.

The soaps, elaborately and gently handcrafted according to ancient recipes from precious Ayurvedic herbal knowledge, are characterised by gentle fragrances and a fine creamy lather with incomparable care effect. With high-quality olive and coconut oils, combined with valuable exotic plant ingredients, they are adapted to different skin types, clarify and refine the skin's appearance and provide lasting moisture. The mild soaps preserve the skin's natural protective film and leave it feeling soft and supple.

Certified, exquisite quality from manufactory production

Vegan, free from palm oil, synthetic dyes and preservatives, paraffins, emulsifiers, alcohol and EDTA, completely biodegradable
Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Castorate, Aqua, Glycerin, Withania somnifera fruit powder extract, Red Clay, Parfum (natural essential oils), Linalool*
* from natural essential oils/Ingredient of natural essential oils


Saponified olive oil, Saponified coconut oil, Saponified castor oil, Water, Glycerin*, Winter cherry (Ashwaganda) fruit powder extract, Red clay, Perfume (natural essential oils of patchouli and lavender)
* vegetable Vegan
Content: 100 g

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Inge writes:
This soap is a true wellness treatment for the entire body. It cleanses and cares for the skin and hair in the finest way. Neither body cream nor hair care is required afterwards.
Skin and hair feel silky soft and extremely well cared for after using the soap. I am happy every day to have finally found something really good with this soap.
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