Organic Women's Wellbeing Cycle Balance Oil, 50 ml

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The sensually scented Cycle Balance Oil gives a feel-good moment of individual femininity - a precious gift for all heroines and power women.

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Life in a female body is a very special journey. There are the luminous days when we feel powerful, inspired and light. And there are the days of retreat when we are highly sensitive, self-reflective and need space for ourselves. The rhythmic waves and surges of the female cycle keep us in constant motion on a physical as well as emotional level, like the tides of the sea. Each month the body prepares to give new life. Like the waxing moon, it approaches the fertile phase in rising anticipation full of life energy, in which it wants to lovingly connect. If no new life arises in this powerful opening, the time of letting go begins, up to the purifying bleeding. Like the darkness of the new moon, this is the time of rest and introspection before the cycle begins anew.

The sensually scented Cycle Balance Oil gives a feel-good moment of individual femininity - a precious gift for all heroines and power women. Rubbing in the Cycle Balance Oil provides relief and relaxes body, mind and soul. Essential clary sage oil is known in aromatherapy as a women's oil and has a balancing effect on hormonally induced mood swings and physical discomfort. Valuable pomegranate seed oil and evening primrose oil nourish and smooth the skin.

  • MUSKATELLERSALBEI BIO the women's oil in aromatherapy. Has a balancing effect and provides gentle relief from tension - also on a psychological level.
  • MÖNCHSPFEFFER BIO relaxes and supports both physically and psychologically in the cycle.
  • YLANG-YLANG BIO COMPLETE strongly calming and relaxing, gives a feeling of warmth and security; helps to restore the contact to the own person.
  • ROSENGERANIE BIO skin regenerating; the balancing properties serve women of all ages.


Partner massage:
Let your partner pamper you with a little massage. Pampered with gentle stroking movements, not only will you perceive your body in a completely new way, but a small massage is also a wonderful way to consciously get in touch with your partner again.

Moist warm overlays for relaxed days:
Gently rub the abdomen with Frauenwohl Zyklus Balance oil, then place a moist warm overlay over it and rest. For the warm and moist overlay, soak a wash mitt in hot water, wring it out well, put it into a second, dry wash mitt and place it on the lower abdomen. As an alternative to the wash mitt, small towels can also be used.

Entire description
Organic almond oil*, organic coconut oil*, organic macadamia nut oil*, organic avocado oil*, organic evening primrose oil*, organic pomegranate seed oil*, 100 % natural essential oils: Organic clary sage oil*, organic monk's pepper seed oil*, organic ylang ylang oil*, natural vitamin E dissolved in organic sunflower oil*, limonene**, linalool**, citronellol**, geraniol**, eugenol**, benzyl salicylate**, benzyl benzoate**, farnesol**, citral**. * bio/org = controlled organic cultivation ** natural ingredients of 100% natural essential oils
Gently massage onto the abdomen, lower back and inner thighs.
harmonising, relaxing
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Balance oil
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