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Organic Magic Box Tea Blend, 23.8 g

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Shoti Maa tasting and gift box.

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The Magic Box combines 12 varieties of Shoti Maa tea in one box and is an ideal gift item to indulge yourself and your friends with exquisite tea enjoyment.

The tea creations of Shoti Maa are based on the knowledge of the 7 chakras, which are described in the tradition of yoga and Ayurveda as the main energy centres of our body
and the 5 elements, the basic building blocks of all life.

Each chakra and each element stands for special qualities, abilities and aspects of a person. If the chakras and elements are balanced, a natural state of harmony, relaxation and vitality arises all by itself.

Power & Warmth: Sage* (20%), ginger* (20%), lemongrass*, liquorice*, elderflower* (5%), peppermint*, lemon juice*, black pepper*, lemon peel*, cardamom*, turmeric*, cinnamon*, cloves*. Lust for life: hibiscus* (48%), orange peel* (18%), lemongrass*, rosehip*, black pepper* (5%), liquorice*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, ginger*, orange extract (1%), cloves*. Golden Middle: Ginger* (35%), fennel* (25%), cinnamon* (10%), cocoa shells*, anise*, cardamom*, turmeric*, black pepper*, cloves*. In Love: Green tea Bancha* (65%), cinnamon* (10%), anise* (5%), barley malt*, bergamot orange extract, elderflower*, cardamom*, lime blossom*, ginger*, cinnamon extract, black pepper*, cloves*. Concord: Peppermint* (31%), liquorice* (15%), lemongrass*, spearmint* (15%), cinnamon*, lavender* (2%), cardamom*, ginger*, black pepper*, cloves*. Contains liquorice - avoid excessive consumption if you have high blood pressure. Vision: Ginger* (41%), lemongrass*, lemon juice* (8%), liquorice*, peppermint*, lemon verbena*, black pepper*, lemon peel* (2%), lemon extract (2%), cardamom*, turmeric*, cinnamon*, cloves*. Balance: cinnamon* (53%), ginger*, cloves*, black pepper*, cardamom*, fennel*, cinnamon extract, rose petals*, turmeric*, raspberry leaves*. Here & Now: Honeybush* (20%), cinnamon*, anise* (14%), fennel*, ginger*, coriander*, sage* (5%), lavender*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*. Emotional Detox: Hibiscus* (33%), liquorice* (24%), peppermint* (14%), basil*, blackberry leaves*, ginger*, nettle*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, cloves*. Contains liquorice - avoid excessive consumption if you have high blood pressure. Fire & Flame: Liquorice*, cocoa shells* (15%), spearmint* (10%), blackberry leaves*, anise*, fennel*, ginger*, peppermint* (5%), cinnamon*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*, nettle*, chilli* (1%), rose petals*. Contains liquorice - avoid excessive consumption if you have high blood pressure. Wings of Life: Fennel* (17%), ginger*, cinnamon*, cardamom* (10%), liquorice*, anise*, lemongrass*, hops*, orange peel* (3%), basil*, black pepper*, cloves*, fenugreek*, lavender*, yarrow*. Enlightenment: Apple* (40%), lemongrass*, honeybush*, hibiscus*, lemon juice* (4%), turmeric* (4%), cinnamon*, black pepper*, cocoa shells*, lemon extract (1%), basil*, ginger*, cardamom*, cloves*. *controlled organic cultivation
Legal notice
Emotional Detox, Fire and Flame and Harmony: This tea contains liquorice - excessive consumption of this product should be avoided if you have high blood pressure.
300ml per bag. Brewing time: 3-7 minutes, depending on the variety. Temperature: 80 - 100 degrees, depending on the variety.
Distributing company
La Alternativa B.V., Weteringschans 108, NL-1017XS Amsterdam
Sales description under food law
Herbal and spice tea
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