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A (be-)sensual Christmas edition with inspiring interviews and insights.

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A (be-)sensual Christmas issue with inspiring interviews and insights. Plus: Focus on healthy joints and pain-free shoulders - exercises and nutrition tips from yoga therapy and Ayurveda!

Yoga practice

Inner strength through heart and hip openers
Truly connecting with yourself: Stine Lethan's sequence helps you to feel yourself fully and confidently find your inner strength

Pranayama - more than just breath control
On the deeper meaning of prana and the far-reaching effects that consciously directing this primordial substance can have. By Mascha Veitsman.

Help with shoulder pain, part 1
With chronic shoulder pain, the fascial tissue around the shoulder joint hardens and the range of movement becomes smaller and smaller. LuNa Schmidt shows you how to regain more freedom and ease in your shoulders

Ayurveda, Health & Nutrition

Healthy Joints
Nutrition and exercise as a magical combination for the prevention and therapy of joint pain: how Ayurvedic nutrition tips and yoga therapeutic exercises work hand in hand to provide good help. By Volker Mehl and Dr. Peter Poeckh.

Better ageing with Ayurveda
Growing old healthily and happily: How Ayurveda can support us to age vital and, above all, contentedly. By Doris Neubauer.

Siddha Medicine, Part 4: Alchemy and Indian Medicine
Without Mercury No Siddha Medicine? About the traditional use of the metal by the Siddhars and the background of these practices. By Dr Roman Sieler.

Masala Love Christmas Menu
An unforgettable festive treat: Masala Love's vegan multi-course menu is the perfect treat for Christmas. By Kristina Nowoczin.

Spiritual living, meditation, mysticism

The inner clock
Live to your own beat! Ancient teachings such as Ayurveda and TCM as well as modern chronobiology emphasise the importance of a daily routine in harmony with natural rhythms and individual needs. By Leonie Machbert.

Spiritual Names

Remembering our true selves - spiritual names can support the release of old entanglements and connect their bearer to aspects of the innermost self through sound and meaning. By Srila Devi.

Against the current
Following one's own inner values and being able to align oneself sometimes against the mainstream is a transformative necessity and a balancing virtue. By Florian Palzinsky.

Pure consciousness

... is not so easy to grasp. The well-known Zen master Muh? Nölke on his participation in an interesting new meditation study

Pervaded by eternal joy

Sri Anandamayi Ma: From childhood, the Indian saint was merged with the Divine in a special way and touched the hearts and souls of countless people. By Srila Devi.

Christ Consciousness
What is Christ Consciousness? And are we not, at bottom, continually searching for it? Where to look for it, how to find it and wherein to feel it. By Bhajan Noam.

Living free from fear
The TCM expert, orthodox physician and yoga teacher Dr. med. Georg Weidinger on fear as a possible signal for physical problems and on helpful approaches when one finds that fears are becoming overwhelming in one's life. Interview: Doris Iding.

Psyche and immune system
...a strong pair! Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Christian Schubert on the immense importance of social contacts, of self-efficacy and of mental factors for intact immune forces. Interview: Doris Iding.

Authenticity and personality
Gabriela Bozic has been at home in the international as well as the German yoga scene for many years. In the YOGA-AKTUELL interview she talks about yoga as a way of life, which is essentially always about love and compassion. Interview: Doris Iding.

See the possibilities!
Perceive possibilities instead of limitations: We spoke with Dr Akuma Saningong about the creative potential of every human being and about the fascinating view of quantum physics. Interview: Nina Haisken.

Women's Healing Power, Part 2
The Lunar Season: About the cleansing power of menstruation, about the energies at work during this time - and how you can support the healing and renewal processes during this transformative phase. By Sonia Emilia Rainbow.

Yoga and Pura Vida
Moments of bliss between the Caribbean and the Pacific: The yoga scene in the jungles of Costa Rica takes place in the midst of breathtakingly beautiful nature. By Anne Haack.

India's sacred plants, part 6: Temple tree
The fragrance of the gods - the blossoms of the sacred temple tree are an epitome of beauty and are used in religious customs worldwide. By Kevin Johann.

The Animal Welfare Page, Episode 14: Traded Animal

Animals as "piece goods" - the problem of the pet trade. By Nina Haisken.

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