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Yoga Aktuell 100 - 05/2016

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With free booklet on Patanjali's yoga path of self-knowledge!

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Asana: Spirit Yoga - The Element of Air
In the final sequence of our Spirit Yoga series, you can feel the connecting qualities of the element of air. By Nina Heitmann.

Meditation: The Five Obstacles
On the meditation cushion we often encounter inner Resistances. What are these obstacles and how can we deal with them? deal with them? By Florian Palzinsky.

Yoga and a healthy spine
Why regular exercises for the spine are good for the entire Body - an interview with back expert Maria Dieste including numerous tips and numerous tips and instructions. Interview: Doris Iding.

The role of the nervous system in the Yoga practice
What influence does the nervous system have on our experience of yoga and on our spiritual path? in yoga and on our spiritual path? Why a harmonious Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work together is so important. By Angelika Doerne.

Meditation stories for children
Of inner journeys, relaxed animals and precious breaks: Meditating with little yogis and yoginis. By Dirk Grosser & Jennie Appel.

Metta in Asana Practice
Emotional healing through loving kindness: Why a mindful Body is much more important than striving for perfect asanas perfectly executed asanas. By Katchie Ananda.

Don't overwhelm yourself
Practising more yoga, meditating more often, cultivating healthier habits
are the goals that many people set for themselves. How we can set ourselves realistic goals and not put ourselves under too much pressure. By Doris Iding.

Peace for our fears
The fear of terrorist attacks and rampages has been strongly of the terrible events of recent times. How to succeed, to deal with the uncertain situation? By Doris Iding.

Beyond body and mind
Only those who do not identify with body and mind can understand their true nature and use the mind as a ladder to the divine. From Jaggi Vasudev.

Compassion for ourselves and for others often comes up short due to stress or or internal pressures - so how can we cultivate this important access to nurturing kindness? cultivate nurturing kindness? By Doris Iding.

Ana's Mission
Ana Forrest helped many people with Forrest Yoga to overcome the shadows of a painful past the shadows of a painful past. In an interview with YOGA AKTUELL she talks about body wisdom and about the essential connection with one's own own spirit. Interview: Sandra von Zabiensky.

Feeling and living your own strength
A day with Esra Inal: YOGA AKTUELL met the young spiritual teacher Teacher, whom many know from the film "8 Seconds", and learned from her about about consciousness, transformation and self-acceptance. From Daniela Singhal.

Sound - the origin of the universe
Dr. Vagish Shastri, world-renowned master of Sanskrit and teacher of vagyoga, talks about the true meaning of sound, about the Manifestation of the elements and about the path of sound energy through the chakras. Interview: Julia Johannsen.

Be present, breathe, hold focus
Yoga Arts founder Louisa Sear from Byron Bay on the essential importance of practising regularly with passion and perseverance. Interview: Nicole Reese.

The Yogini
Ulli Olvedi is one of the most well-known spiritual authors in the German-speaking world. We discuss with her about female Spirituality and the perennial human longing for love and meaning Meaning. Interview: Doris Iding.

Yoga Kitchen
Well-being recipes to get away from it all. By Nicole Reese and Iris Lange-Fricke.

Yoga for ADHD
Yoga as a help to cope with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Why yoga can provide effective relief for AD(H)S symptoms and which forms of of practice are particularly suitable. By Dr. Maria Wolke.

The genie in the bottle
High quality essential oils to accompany your yoga practice: What you should consider when choosing oils and how they can support you can support you. By Myriam Veit.

The healing power of touch
Relaxed and energised through self-massage: With mindful touch you can create a ritual Touch, you can practise a ritual of self-love that will bring you well-being Well-being and feelings of happiness. By Tobias Frank.

Cannabis can serve well as a painkiller and tonic as a painkiller and tonic. A short summary of the possible uses. By Irene Dalichow.

Insights into the Yogasutra
This time: Ahamkara, the ego - "the ego-maker" and his Hermaphroditic nature. By Dr Ralph Skuban.

Gayatri - the Vedic sun prayer
The Gayatri mantra is considered the "Mother of the Vedas". Which Mysteries it contains and why it is an instrument for the fulfilment of the divine plan. By Dr. Manfred Ehmer.

The tortoise
The turtle is equally revered by all traditions and peoples by all traditions and peoples. To those who call upon her, she brings wisdom and harmony. By Doris Iding.

In the dog looking down on the roof of the World
Nepal offers many opportunities to practise yoga - and and conveys a unique fascination that is as much due to the natural scenery of the Himalayas as well as the country's culture. By Mona Bektesi.

Ghi for breakfast
Two weeks at the Ayurveda hospital in Kerala: an intense Experience! By Jana Tschitschke.

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This time: Andrea Holzer on the Fire Island Lanzarote

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