Yoga block yogiblock® cork

Yoga block made of natural cork for asana practice.

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Very stable and sturdy yoga block made of natural cork to support the asana postures.
Available in basic, big and supersize sizes.

The cork used to make the yoga blocks is granulated cork. This virgin granulated cork comes from the waste cork used to make wine bottle stoppers.

The cork oak, Quercus super, grows in Portugal and other countries bordering the western edge of the Mediterranean basin. The cork is harvested by removing the bark of the tree. Cork extraction is 100% safe for the tree - which is not felled - and its surface suffers no damage. The harvest takes place in a cycle of 9 to 10 years. The cork tree must be about 25 years old (virgin cork) before the first harvest, after which nine years must pass before it can be harvested again. Fortunately, the cork tree lives for 180 to 200 years, so it can be harvested 15 to 20 times.

What makes cork so special are its properties and possible applications:
Properties: Lightness, elasticity, impermeability, insulation, wear resistance, hypoallergenic and fireproof.
Application areas: Construction, interior design, leisure, fashion and technology.

The purchase and use of cork products contributes to the preservation of a natural, renewable resource and an important ecological environment in the Western Mediterranean countries.

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100% cork
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100 cm x 200 cm
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Marion writes:
Fast delivery, as others find the cork blocks light, I can't say. I find them a bit heavy, but the cork is so solid, which probably accounts for the weight. Personally, I think it's good because it gives them great support. And natural products are great, as long as they are packaged sustainably.
I have already recommended the blocks to others.
Michael writes:
I am very satisfied with the delivery and the blocks
Katja writes:
I am very satisfied with the speed of delivery and the cork blocks supplied.
Veronika writes:
The block is super
Ines writes:
Standard size cork: always the ideal block.
Veronika writes:
The block is as I know it from my yoga studies.
Katarzyna writes:
I can't think of any others. Very stable.
Kristin writes:
Super these blocks. The rounded edges make them pleasant to use without any problems.
Celine writes:
The blocks are nice and light and pleasant to use in all kinds of exercises. The material is very aesthetic. It's just a pity that the blocks are all individually packaged in plastic and you can't quite trace where the cork comes from.
M writes:
Great blocks. Indeed good traction. Very pure. Environmentally correct and perfect for the job ahead. : ))
Daniel writes:
Super block, exactly as I imagined it. Fast shipping, highly recommended
Carolin writes:
The block is super. Lightweight and pleasantly rounded edges. Highly recommended.
Heidi writes:
Normal cork block. Pleasantly light in weight and yet stable enough for support.
Sara writes:
The blocks enhance every yoga session because you can use them in so many different ways. Beginners in particular benefit greatly from the blocks, as they do not fall over so easily due to their heaviness.
Susanne writes:
The block is pleasant to grip and can be used well to support the exercises.
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