Yogabottle just water, 0,7 l

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Beautifully shaped, high-quality glass drinking bottle with wooden stopper.

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The Yogabottle just water impresses at first sight with its particularly beautiful design. With its thick glass base, the quality drinking bottle looks like a rock in the surf and always keeps your drinking water safe and sound. With a proud 700 ml capacity and a completely reliable screw cap made of real wood, the Yogabottle just water is a drinking bottle that looks good on any dining table and is of course always ready to hand during yoga... Puristic, high-quality, a classic!

Glass drinking bottles as an environmentally friendly alternative
Sustainable, ecologically sound materials are an imperative of our time. A high-quality, sturdy glass drinking bottle can accompany you for a long time. In bottle, you always have your favourite drink at hand and don't have to be your favourite drink at hand and you don't have to resort to bought drinks which means less waste in the long run. A A water bottle is always useful and contributes to a more sustainable A little bit towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and conscious Everyday life.

Hygienic and always with you: your glass drinking bottle for on the go

In the Yogabottle, you can fill your drink with water bottle you can always take the drink of your choice with you - to the yoga studio, to the To the yoga studio, to the office, to the park... Drinking bottles are simply a great Thing (and the Yogabottle is even a particularly fine thing, simply because of its beautiful design). After plastic bottles had plastic bottles were dominant in this segment for a long time, glass drinking more and more popular. They prove themselves, among other things, due to the fact that Glass is a very hygienic material that is easy to clean. Even if you occasionally fill your glass drinking bottle with lemonade instead of water, for example Glass drinking bottle instead of water, you can clean the bottle afterwards without any Without any problems, without leaving any undesirable residues.

What else you should know about glass drinking bottles
If you decide to buy a glass drinking bottle you decide to buy a glass drinking bottle, you may be wondering about the you might be wondering what the breakage resistance is like. Since the the Yogabottle is a high-quality, thick-walled and stable glass drinking Glass drinking bottle, it is quite robust and resistant. So you can trust your bottle here. Another important Point is, of course, the leak-proofness, especially if you use your Bottle not only at home, but also when you are out and about on the go. The Yogabottle is equipped with a reliable wooden closure that can withstand a lot. A glass drinking bottle of this glass bottle of this high-quality type is usually also suitable for use on the move. Finally lastly, you may be wondering whether the bottle can be filled with hot liquid be filled with hot liquid. Although this is not a typical bottle for hot drinks Bottle for hot drinks or a thermal container, but your glass drinking Glass drinking bottle can withstand hotter liquids (perhaps you like to drink hot hot ginger water in the morning, for example, as recommended by Ayurveda the most common questions about glass drinking bottles in a very brief in a very short form as a clear Q & A.

What are the advantages of a glass drinking bottle?
Glass drinking bottles are hygienic and sustainable are hygienic and sustainable. They can be cleaned thoroughly and stay with you for a long time. They are an alternative to the Plastic material. In addition, just like any other drinking bottle, they ensure that your that you always have your favourite drink to hand when you're on the go and and don't need to resort to bought drinks.

How unbreakable or resistant is a glass drinking bottle?
A high-quality, sturdy and thick-walled glass drinking bottle can withstand a lot and is a reliable companion and is a reliable companion. Your glass drinking bottle is a practical practical helper for everyday life, which is quite robust and, among other things the criterion of high breakage resistance.

Why are glass drinking bottles becoming more and more popular?
Besides the above-mentioned criteria the above-mentioned criteria, the beautiful design and the high-quality quality of glass drinking bottles also play a role in the fact that these drinking these drinking bottles are becoming more and more popular. In a Glass drinking bottle your water is in good hands.

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