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Yoga Aktuell 127 - 02/2021

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Fresh wind and new energy - the April/May issue is dedicated to the purifying power of spring. Alkaline nutrition, breathing practices and tantric practices for everyday life are just some of the many thematic facets you can look forward to!

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Fresh wind and new energy - the April/May issue is dedicated to the purifying power of spring. Alkaline nutrition, breathing practice and tantric practices for everyday life are just a few of the many thematic facets you can look forward to!

Yoga practice

Asana: Yin Yoga and the element wood
Wood is assigned to the organs liver and gallbladder in TCM. The energy of these two organs is harmonised in a beneficial way through this Yin Yoga sequence with Helga Baumgartner

Pranayama - The Heart of Yoga
Part IX: Tribandha using the example of Surya-Bedhana - the joint application of three important seals in breathing practice. By Dr Ralph Skuban.

Tantric practices for everyday spiritual life
Methods of Tantra that anyone can practice: The Upayas can bring about deep transformation - and many of them can be easily integrated into everyday life. By Doris Lilienweiss.

Full moon meditations
The April full moon on 27.4.2021: preparation for meditation - about concentration through pratyahara and about the value of daily inner practice. By Wolfgang Bischoff.

Pranayama and Swara YogBreath paths to happiness: What exactly is Swara Yoga? And how is this yoga of energy flow related to breathing? By Stefan Datt.

Yoga for a vigilant immune system
Harmonisation of the nervous system, good blood circulation and flexibility - all these benefits of asana practice contribute to strengthening the immune system. The sequence shown here also supports the immune system in this way. By Anna E. Röcker.

Yoga and embodiment
Feeling connection: the body as a gateway to a direct experience of being, wholly in the here and now. By Dr Wiebke Mohme.

Come along on the soul journey!
Part 6 of the Kundalini series by Satya Singh: the journey through the twenty-fourth vortex - "I know my karma"

Spiritual life, yoga philosophy and mysticism

Be the change you wish
Imagine you could create the society you have always wished for... By Doris Iding.

Knowledge, Wisdom, Dialogue
About borders, boundlessness and foundations for human coexistence. By Florian Palzinsky.

Yoga and its synthesis with everyday life
In order for yoga to acquire relevance for social life, it is necessary to grasp the inner cosmology of the asanas and to integrate their contents. By Heinz Grill.

The transformation of sexual energy
... in yoga and tantra: "Go up in the embrace as in the everlasting life!" By Christian Salvesen.

Crazy for God, Part 4: Rabia of Basra
Beloved of God - the Sufi saint from Persia. By Srila Devi.

Ayurveda, Health & Nutrition

If you want to know about herbs, you must go to them
Women's herbs have always been our companions. Once used by midwives for pregnancy or unfulfilled desire to have children, today you will find them in many tea blends and other folk medicine applications. By Jane Kathrein.

Avoiding chronic hyperacidity
What are the consequences for health when the body is chronically hyperacidic? What role do silent inflammations play in our civilisation diseases? And how can we counteract hyperacidity? By Lucia Nirmala Schmidt.

Discovering bitter substances
"You sorely need this!" - About the effects of bitter substances, and why they have become so rare today. By Dirk Engelhardt.

Base fasting - a path to more mindfulness
The well-known fasting method is far more than just a way to relieve the body and lose weight. How alkaline fasting can bring more mindfulness into your everyday life. By Sabine Wacker.


Longing for connection
Veronika Freitag teaches in Hamburg and has developed a fine understanding of how yoga works in many facets from the inside out. She spoke to YOGA AKTUELL about yoga practice as a help to anchor oneself in one's own centre again and again. Interview: Dors Iding.

The Call of Dharma
Central teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita, vividly related to life today: Guido von Arx has delved deeply into the core spiritual text of the Mahabharata. He spoke to YOGA AKTUELL about dharma, responsibility and about inner peace through letting go of the things you cannot control. Interview: Nina Haisken.

Anger - the struggle against reality
The well-known mystic and philosopher OM C. Parkin on the path of conscious purification and integration of the inner firepower that is able to burn untruth and illusion


India's Sacred Plants, Part 2: The Banyan
Sacred shade-giver and plant giant - the banyan tree is considered a symbol of life force and immortality. By Kevin Johann.


Spring trends
News from the yoga scene. By Marita Voithofer.

The masking of breath
... and normality: On the dictate of "more" and how breath mirrors our definition of "normal". By Ansgar Schoeberl.

Maltreated Goddesses
Women in India: once worshipped as manifestations of the great Goddess, they experienced oppression and mistreatment for centuries after the Vedic Age and often still today. By Srila Devi.

The Animal Welfare Page, Episode 10: Pig Farming
Animal welfare in factory farming? The proposed government seal suggests that the answer to this question is yes. The reality, however, looks different. By Nina Haisken.

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