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Yoga Aktuell 137 - 06/2022

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You will find sources of joy, hope and confidence in this New Year's issue!

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Sources of joy, hope and confidence can be found in this New Year's issue in this issue for the turn of the year! Metta, the meditation of compassion, the meditation of compassion, and you can experience the consoling and and protective power of the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra. In addition you will come across a sutra of universal wisdom. Also: Asana sequences ranging from calm and relaxing to an adventure with Hanuman, as well as breathing practice with Ralph Skuban.


Living from the heart
The well-known yoga teacher and festival organiser Sathya tells how he was practice gave him inner peace and deep healing at a very young age and why yoga is like alchemy for him. Interview: Doris Iding.


Taste Tibet
Warming, nourishing and simply delicious: favourite dishes from Tibet, which are just as much as they do in the heights of the Himalayas. By Julie Kleeman and Yeshi Jampa.

Yoga practice

Hanuman's leap
Hanumanasana, the splits: Lucie Beyer shows preparatory exercises, simpler Tips and inspirations for this coveted posture, which stands for the quality of devotion. stands for the quality of devotion.

Conscious breathing
Part 2 of the series with Dr Ralph Skuban: Healthy and unhealthy breathing

Anatomy to go
Avoiding incorrect postures in asana practice, part 5: Lifting the shoulders and compressing the neck how can these compensatory mechanisms be overcome? be overcome? By Dr Peter Poeckh.

Balance in Bakasana
Balance in arm balances: How to experience more lightness through an integrative activation of the entire Body to experience more lightness and to lift yourself higher in this practice with Alexandra Harfield

Yoga for physical limitations
Part 1: Relaxation with our cover model Elena Lustig - finding peace and and let go in a decelerating sequence that helps you reduce stress

Yogic approach to pain
Many people begin with yoga because Yoga because they want to relieve physical pain with the help of the asanas with the help of the asanas. However, it is always important to develop a constructive relationship to pain and its causes To pain and its causes. By Mascha Veitsman.


Discovering ways of meditation
Metta Meditation - May all beings be happy! By Doris Iding.


Achieving your full potential
Abbie Galvin teaches Katonah Yoga, an extraordinary and multifaceted style, worldwide multi-faceted style. What it has in common with origami, and what metaphors are used Metaphors are used, she tells us here. Interview: Eva Paasch.

Spiritual living

The art of life balance
The five pillars of a balanced everyday life: How you can promote self-confidence, contentment and self-efficacy. By Florian Palzinsky.

Mahamrtyunjaya mantra
The great liberation mantra from the Vedas: about its protective effect and the Immortality which is our true nature. By Swami Pramananda.

Chakra Balancing
An honest look at chakra balancing: what it really is, and why most most workshops on it are a waste of time and money. By Robert Henderson.

The lost innocence
What the inner turmoil of has to do with the massacres of animals, and how we can change our Relationship to creation - and to ourselves - to act differently in the world act differently in the world. By Nina Haisken.

Sadhana - the spiritual practice
Part 5: The importance of the spiritual teacher for effective sadhana. By Srila Devi (Tiziana Stupia).

Shiva and Shakti

The feminine divine power
Durga, Lakshmi and Kali - how the divine entities embody different aspects of the harmonious Wholeness, which you can mature in your life with their help in your life. By Yoga Shakti (Elisabeth Hastrup-Kiil).

Yoga philosophy and mysticism

A heavenly gift
One Night, Bhajan Noam found himself in the presence of a master who had lived in Bengal many centuries ago. The gift that revealed to him in this soul-to-soul encounter, he shares it with you here with you here. By Bhajan Noam.

The Yoga Ways of the Bhagavadgita
Part 5: The little-noticed meditation teachings of the Bhagavadgita. By Dr Eckard Wolz-Gottwald.


Helpful mushrooms
Mushrooms as food and remedy: edible mushrooms are medicinal mushrooms, for thousands of years. Long established in Asia, mushroom medicine is now regarded worldwide as trend-setting. By Eberhard J. Wormer.


Incense and myrrh
Highly important both in healing and spiritual terms since ancient times: the two coveted resins are precious in many ways and also rich in symbolism. By Kevin Johann.

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