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Yoga Aktuell 139 - 02/2023

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Deep roots and contemporary insights - the spring edition draws from the rich tradition of yoga and at the same time shows new approaches and visions!

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Deep roots and contemporary insights - the spring issue draws from the rich tradition of yoga and at the same time shows new approaches and visions! Discover the latest on health, delve into the fascinating history of yoga as well as future scenarios and flow with us through plenty of practice.


Internal and external journeys
Johannes Vogt is a yoga teacher, mantra singer and Thai yoga therapist. He tells us here why he regularly goes on yatra in India and why he particularly likes the Hanuman Chalisa. Interview: Doris Iding.


Vegan Baking
Enjoy the spring sun and the Easter holidays with a delicious picnic, brunch or coffee party - with delicious vegan pastries. Recipes: Jérôme Eckmeier and Daniela Lais.

Yoga practice

Strong back, brave heart
Flow through life with more openness: an asana sequence with our cover model Nadja Ehlert for more "Yes!" to yourself and your life

Conscious breathing
... with Ralph Skuban, Part 4: From the first to the last breath - your life

Ground to grow
Stabilising exercises for your everyday life in turbulent times, Part 2: Eva Weinmann shows asanas with wall support

Yoga for physical limitations
Part 3: Strength building with Elena Lustig: Asanas to help you maintain and build muscle

Yoga for the Organs
A modern method to relieve organ system stress: Friederike Reumann gives insights into the important topic of organ health and a yoga practice specifically designed to address it


Discovering Meditation Paths
Brahma Vihara Meditation - the insight meditation. Text: Doris Iding.

Spiritual life

Spiritual goals, detours and shortcuts
To walk the path of life with confidence and to accept what we encounter there requires both personal responsibility and an openness to higher providence. Text: Florian Palzinsky.

Silence and solitude as a spiritual discipline
Losing the fear of silence - why it is so valuable to allow phases of silent contemplation and why we still find them challenging at first. Text: Srila Devi.

The Harmony of All Being
How the interplay of place, space and people promotes our inner growth. Text: Kristina Grandits.

The Touch of Beauty
How aesthetic experience becomes a gateway into meditation - feeling beauty is like tasting the eternal in the present moment. Text: Andreas Klein.

Yogaphilosophy and Mysticism

Sparks of Light of Blessing
Bhajan Noam on the power and importance of blessing, which you too can do again and again, and the sparks of light that dance in our souls

What is Kundalini?
What do the ancient sources really say about Kundalini? Profound insights by Christopher Wallis (Hareesh). Translation: Brigitte Heinz and Hajo Normann.

A new planetary age
A momentous galactic transit portends great changes - but how does it affect us, and what perspective will help us humans live in harmony with cosmic forces and nature again? Text: David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri).

Women in the History of Yoga
Part 1: Lopamudra - Portrait of a Rshika. Text: Wiebke Mohme.


The History of Yoga
Deepika Kothari is the director of the internationally acclaimed film History of Yoga, dedicated to the deep tradition of yoga. YOGA AKTUELL spoke with her about the legacy of ancient Indian culture. Interview: Julia Johannsen.

Awareness in difficult times
The well-known yoga and meditation teacher Ursula Lyon has already accumulated 95 years of life experience in this body. Anna Trökes asked her in the YOGA-AKTUELL interview

Yoga teachers

Yoga and diversity
Yoga for all: Yoga classes should be open to everyone equally, regardless of physical limitations. How yoga teachers can work towards this. Text: Mascha Veitsman.


Fascia, hormones and pain
What is the connection between chronic pain and hormones? And what does this mean specifically for menopausal and post-menopausal women? Lucia Schmidt on current findings


Dragon's blood
Incense and versatile remedy - the blood-red resin is powerful in its effects. Text: Kevin Johann.

Off the Mat

Sea Shepherd
Protecting the oceans and their inhabitants: the Sea Shepherd team works tirelessly on the world's oceans. Interview: Nina Haisken.

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