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Yoga Aktuell 74 - 03/2012

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Special Dossier Topic: Yoga anatomy - rediscover the body and minimise the risk of injury.

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Special Dossier Topic: Yoga Anatomy - Rediscovering the Body and Minimising the Risk of Injury

Anatomy forms the physical basis of Hatha Yoga, so to speak. Anatomical knowledge opens up a whole new level of understanding when it comes to practising the asanas and further helps to avoid injuries and to get to know one's own body better. YOGA AKTUELL delves into this exciting and fascinating topic. Read practice-related expert articles and get the opinion of yoga teachers and yoga students on the subject of yoga anatomy.

Anatomy in the classroom
What role does anatomy play in hatha yoga from a teacher's point of view? We asked well-known yoga teachers. Interviews: Doris Iding.

Heart Opener
Wideness, lightness and elasticity: exercises for the chest. By Eva & Henning Moog.

The anatomy of forward bends
Forward bends from an anatomical point of view - an excerpt from the book "Anatomy of Hatha Yoga". By H. David Coulter.

Yoga students on anatomy
How interested are yoga students in anatomical aspects? What What experiences have they had with this topic? Answers are given in our Short interviews. Interviews: Doris Iding.

The pelvic floor - a muscle like any other?
The pelvic floor fulfils complex functions. Meaningful pelvic floor activation can
be very useful for asana practice be very enriching for asana practice and reduce the risk of injury. By Lilla N. Wuttich.

For further reading
Book tips on the subject of anatomy

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