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Yoga News 121 - 02/2020

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The spring issue gives you impulses on how to open up to new things and encounter the unknown without fear... For confidence and inner strength in a time of change!

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Pranayama - the heart of yoga
Part 3 of the series by Dr. Ralph Skuban: From exploring and widening the breathing spaces to the purposeful breathing practice, Samavrtti pranayama

Asana: Welcoming Spring
A refreshing yoga ritual that supports you in letting go of the old and courageously making space for the new. By Diana Schöpplein.

Learn to meditate, step by step
Continuation of the series on meditation practice by Anna Trökes.
This time: meditation as a means of self-exploration

Techniques of Hatha Yoga
In this new series, Sukadev Bretz presents techniques from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. In Part I, the focus is on Maha-Mudra

Asana: Restorative Yoga for Spring
Look to life anew with backbends: Lorna Neuer demonstrates a gentle and relaxing practice to get you in the mood for spring awakening

The alignment in forest yoga
In forest yoga we go to the roots of yoga and get to its essence - the connectedness with everything. By Reiner Angermeier.

Three realities
Three levels of reality and what characterises them: Everyday reality, mental reality and absolute reality. By Florian Palzinsky.

The Yoga of Asceticism
In the course of the Hatha Yoga Project, Dr. Daniela Bevilacqua researched spent years researching sadhus in India and their understanding of hatha yoga and asanas

Aghora sadhus and their practices
The followers of the Aghori tradition strive to overcome duality by extreme means, which at first seem incomprehensible to other seekers appear incomprehensible to other seekers. By Srila Devi.

Living Modern Spirituality
Connectedness as a sign of our spirituality - how we can practically live spirituality and what it means live practically and what it means to be spiritual. From Nicole Wendland.

Yoga and Permaculture - Embedded in Natural Cycles
A look at the holistic knowledge and practical principles of permaculture and its yogic references. By Janine Schneider.

Dedication without ifs and buts
In the life story of the American author Michael A. Singer devotion to the flow of life plays an essential role. From Martin Frischknecht.

Headaches from an Ayurvedic perspective
What types of headaches there are, and how you can treat headaches in a dosha-appropriate way. By Prabha Burkhardt.

Yoga for anxiety and panic attacks
How a holistic yoga practice can help with acute panic attacks and support long-term healing. By Anna Kramer.

Zero-waste cooking
The intuitive way of dealing with food and how common Helps you to use food as fully as possible possible. By Sophia Hoffmann.


Music in connection with nature
Mirabai Ceiba on the deep emotions at the heart of music and on Connecting with nature as a source of inspiration. Interview: Alexandra Haardt.

The well-known journalist Gert Scobel about the real experience that there is there is no I, and about meditation as a bridge to helpful action. Interview: Doris Iding.

The whole fullness of experience
In the People interview, yoga teacher Ananda Leone talks about the tantric approach to his practice and how yoga can be a bridge to helpful action Tantric approach to his practice and how yoga can have a lasting impact on everyday life. Interview: Nina Haisken.

Experience report

Retreat with Master Han Shan
Doris Iding on her experiences in a five-week silent retreat in Thailand

Yoga teacher

Tips for a sensibly aligned and healthy asana practice for hypermobile people, in which the stabilisation of the musculoskeletal system is in the Is in the foreground. By Lilla N. Wuttich.


Time of Yin in Yang
The longing for time out in the quality of yin led our Author to a lonely beach where she drifted dreamily. By Iris Disse.


Remedy, incense and spiritual symbol - camphor has been used medicinally used medicinally and for energetic purposes since ancient times, especially in Asia energetic purposes. By Kevin Johann.


A foray into Lisbon's yoga scene
The Portuguese metropolis is bursting with charm and attracts visitors with a diverse cultural offerings - but also with yoga studios of all kinds Of all kinds. By Anne Haack.


Dates, Trends and News
News from the yoga world. By Marita Voithofer.

Yoga for leaders
Leading with wisdom: Christoph Harrach on a new self-image in business. Interview: Nina Haisken

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