Yoga of the Heart by Karina Wagner (DVD)

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A path to love, compassion and peace.

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This DVD is a yoga practice full of love and depth, which helps to feel one's own body and to expand into the inner ones in order to use the energy growing out of it. And so this yoga sequence focuses on the heart, because in yoga it is the seat of the soul, the divine spark. Reflect on your heart qualities now and start with yourself. Give yourself a gift with your yoga, fill yourself, and then let this devotion of universal love to everything arise.

Loving feelings such as joy, peace, courage, kindness, tolerance and friendliness are the unique qualities of the heart that can change the world if you give them to yourself and to all beings. These precious qualities of the heart, to touch, to connect, to give love, but also gratitude and devotion, make up the essence of Herzyoga.

Yoga is love lived for the spiritual teacher, healer and author Karina Wagner. Karina's concern is to connect everyday life and the demands of life with spirituality. Yoga means connection, it means bringing together something that belongs together. Yoga can restore the healing connection between body, mind and soul. For yoga is far more than a physical discipline. The true path of yoga touches the heart and flows through everyday life.

Total running time: approx. 50 min.

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