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Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
Sale yogishop-saleflag-after
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Meditation cushions support an upright posture during meditation that does not become uncomfortable even after sitting for a longer period of time.

Meditation cushions in a large selection

Meditation cushions with beautiful silk covers and decorative appliqués, meditation cushions with sturdy cotton covers, with chenille covers, with canvas or with a cover that has lotus properties (i.e. dirt and liquid roll off it) - they are all available at YOGISHOP. Square, round or half-moon shaped, but always filled with spelt husk. The different cushion shapes are adapted to certain sitting positions and support them. We recommend the following cushions for certain sitting positions:

  • The half-moon cushion for cross-legged sitting
  • Small and round cushions for more legroom
  • Flat cushions for a comfortable lotus seat
  • Extra large cushions for extra comfort

Of course, this does not mean that the corresponding cushions can only be used in this way. If you feel that you sit particularly well on a particular cushion, regardless of your position, of course choose that cushion for yourself. Find the meditation cushion that suits you best - here at YOGISHOP you have the choice.

The benefits of meditation cushions

It is simply more comfortable to sit on a meditation cushion - and of course more upright. The elevation makes it easier to bring the knees to the floor and the spine straightens almost effortlessly. This allows you to stay in a suitable meditation seat for a long time. Meditation cushions also naturally provide a comfortable cushion that is warm and soft, but stable at the same time. Since the spelt filling adapts flexibly, sitting on the cushion is much more comfortable than meditating on the hard floor or on the yoga mat. At the same time, there is enough stability so that the meditation is not disturbed by constant changes in the sitting position. By the way, the filling height of the meditation cushions from the YOGISHOP can also be varied, so that the individually most advantageous sitting height can be set. We also offer the matching spelt husk in our shop

The advantages of the cushions at a glance:

  • Elevated, anatomically healthy sitting position
  • Improved blood circulation to legs and feet
  • Loose joints
  • No cramped muscles
  • Back is relieved
  • Actual spine is naturally promoted
  • The lungs expand
  • Breath flows more freely
  • Comfortable even when sitting for long periods

Meditation - the ideal resting place for a hectic everyday life 

In our hectic and fast-paced world, moments of rest and breathing deeply are especially precious. You can meditate in the morning after waking up, before going to bed, or in a break you have created for yourself. Meditation is also often part of yoga and is used especially after completing the flow to calm down and let the exercises take effect. The right sitting posture is important for a relaxed and comfortable meditation, especially if you want to meditate for a longer period of time. An upright posture with an open chest and slightly tilted pelvis prevents a hollow back and ensures good circulation. With a meditation cushion you can get into this posture naturally and effortlessly. You don't have to use as much strength to hold the position, so you can fully engage in the mediation.


What else can meditation cushions be used for?

Meditation cushions are of course also suitable for cosy sitting areas and can, for example, be taken to kirtan concerts. They also serve well at seminars or lectures. Meditation cushions offer a good place to sit anytime and anywhere.

What are the benefits of meditation cushions?

Meditation cushions are not only comfortable but also ensure an upright posture that is easy on the spine. The support of the cushion when holding the posture makes it more comfortable to hold it for longer and less muscle power needs to be applied. This is a real advantage, especially for long meditations.

What types of mediation cushions are available in the YOGISHOP?

In our YOGISHOP you will find mediation cushions in round shape with different heights as well as half moon cushions and square cushions. Our cushion covers are made of cotton, chenille, canvas or a cover with stain-resistant lotus properties. We offer different designs and styles so that you can always find a cushion that suits you. All our meditation cushions are filled with spelt husks.

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