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Maharishi Tea
Maharishi Tea bases its very special tea compositions on the Ayurvedic teaching of constitutional types. Thus the teas are specifically adapted to the different doshas and can have a balancing effect on an excess or dominance of the respective doshas. In doing so, Maharishi Tea skilfully uses the treasures of nature.
Profit from the great knowledge of the specialists of Maharishi Tea
The makers of Maharishi Tea developed the various tea creations knowledgeably and based on thousands of years of proven experience. Whether Vata, Pitta or Kapha - all constitution types will find the right tea for them here. With exquisite herbs, the teas are a true blessing and bring your doshas into balance. Maharishi Tea also offers the digestive tea Digest Plus  
Maharishi Tea closely follows the ancient Indian tradition

Because Maharishi Tea draws directly from ancient Indian knowledge, this label is particularly popular among yogis and yoginis as well as Ayurveda fans. Many also know and appreciate the Ayurvedic cures in the Maharishi Ayurveda Centres and are happy about the possibility to live a little bit of Ayurveda in everyday life with Maharishi Tea, in a very simple and uncomplicated way. Maharishi Tea gives daily help to balance the doshas and to feel vital and in harmony with yourself. And on top of that, the teas from Maharishi Teas also taste deliciously of exquisite herbs

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