Fitness mat yogimat® gym - 10 mm red

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The yogimat gym is the perfect base to get started on your workout routine!

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More power for your workouts! The yogimat gym is the perfect base to get started on your workout routine This mat absorbs your movements – even when things get hard, the mat stays soft. This durable gym mat offers great impact absorption, protects you against cold floors, is slip-resistant on both sides and easy to clean (so there is no excuse... get sweating!).

No AZO (solvent), no DOP (benzenes in the plasticiser); free of phthalates and heavy metals.

Why you need to have the fitness mat yogimat gym:

  • The yogimat gym is strongly padded thanks to its comfortable thickness and will gently cushion your movements.
  • You can comfortably do Pilates etc. with the yogimat gym. In addition to that, it is perfect for the widest variety of workouts and for physiotherapy exercises.
  • The synthetic natural rubber material is long-lasting and also won’t cause problems for people allergic to latex.

Get to know the fitness mat yogimat gym in detail:

The yogimat gym is a mat for everyone who require good padding and shock absorption. This mat is gentle on joints which, in comparison to other mats can be attributed to its significantly thicker width, making it a universal mat for workouts of all sorts. For physiotherapy, classic gymnastics exercises, Pilates, body styling, legs, back and bum or plenty of other workouts – this fitness, or gymnastics mat is a reliable base which offers you the necessary protection. The fitness mat yogimat gym is also not only very gentle on the joints, but also protects you against any coldness on the floor, as it insulates much better than thinner mats. The yogimat gym is flat lying and will not slide around, as the material is made of NBR, a non-slip synthetically produced "natural rubber" which ensures skid-resistance. The material offers all of the benefits of real natural rubber, but is also suitable for those allergic to latex. Hygiene is very easy to maintain with the yogimat gym, as it can simply be quickly and thoroughly wiped down after use, e.g. with the help of our organic yogimat cleaner. The yogimat gym is also a wonderful choice for yoga studios and the gym. The ridged mat is available in various beautiful colours.

Tip: If you require an even thicker, and thereby stronger padded gym mat, then we recommend our 15 mm yogimat gym!

What makes YOGISTAR so popular amongst yoginis and yogis?

  • YOGISTAR has an extensive range of yoga and gym equipment that stands out for its quality, Eco-friendliness and beautiful design.
  • Innovative and ecological materials are at the heart of new product developments at YOGISTAR. 
  • The great service at the online shop is also consistently praised.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about your new fitness mat yogimat gym:

  • Can I wash the fitness mat yogimat gym? If yes, then how?
    The fitness mat yogimat gym can be wiped with a wet cloth. We recommend you clean the mat with a yoga mat cleaner, e.g. with the organic yoga mat cleaner from our range.
  • What are the dimensions?
    Dimensions = 180 cm x 60 cm x 10 cm
  • Which carrybag can I fit my new fitness mat yogimat gym into?
    yogibag mega bag
  • Can the fitness mat yogimat gym be rolled up?
    No, this mat is not as suitable to be rolled up.
  • Which other mats are similar to the fitness mat yogimat gym?
    Fitness mat yogimat gym 15 mm (same model, but even thicker for even better padding), Pilates mats yogimat Pilates and yogimat Pilates pro (also thicker and more padded than other types of mats), Yoga mat yogimat ultra (also made of synthetic natural rubber), Yoga mat yogimat soft (at 6 mm, it is also thicker than other types of mats), Yoga mat yogimat sun (at 6 mm, it is also thicker than other types of mats)

This is perfect with the fitness mat yogimat gym:

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  • Yoga belt yogibelt
  • Yoga towel yogitowel 'Deluxe'
  • Yoga towel yogitowel
  • Pilates stretch bands
  • Pilates balls
  • Toning balls
  • Pilates gymnastics balls
Entire description
according to application
Slip resistance
limited slip resistance
For studios
damp wipeable
Suitable for allergic
Suitable bag
yogibag basic zip big plus 73cm;
100% NBR (tear-resistant, durable synthetic rubber mix)
1.45 kg
180 cm
60 cm
1 cm
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