Pilates roller

Pilates roll You can find Pilates rolls made of hard foam here

The wide range of Pilates equipment offered by the YOGISHOP also includes the popular Pilates rollers. Pilates rolls are used in Pilates training to perform various stabilisation and balance exercises. Once you have discovered them, you won't want to do without them. Pilates rollers in various designs and colours are available in this section.

YOGISHOP Pilates roll for your exercises 

With the exercises specially designed for the Pilates roll, you can effectively train all muscle groups, such as your abdomen, legs and buttocks. A Pilates roll is also ideal for training the spine. The exercises can easily be done at home and integrated into your everyday life. Our rollers from the YOGISHOP are made of PE or recyclable EPP, depending on the model. We offer different lengths and some of our rollers are also available in different degrees of hardness. This way you can buy exactly the Pilates roller that suits your level and your needs. Almost all of our Pilates rollers come in different colours - choose one that suits your style! 

The Pilates roller: benefits of the exercises and massages

The exercises with the Pilates roller are not only suitable for training the spine and back, the torso in general, for the abdominal muscles and the legs, it can also be used for massaging specific muscles. In the process, the muscle tissue is "rolled out", so to speak, and adhesions and tensions are dissolved. Not only for the muscles, but also for the connective tissue, this type of massage provides relaxation and better blood circulation. For example, the connective tissue on the abdomen can also be trained after pregnancy and the postnatal process can be supported. The Pilates roll can also help you with sports in general. For example, you can use it with a massage to warm up your muscles. After a workout or after yoga exercises, such a roll with a massage can help to loosen and regenerate the muscles after the workout

The right Pilates roller for the right use

When choosing your Pilates roller, quality is of course a decisive factor. Here at YOGISHOP, you can fully rely on that. We only sell products that we ourselves are convinced of thanks to our years of experience in the yoga scene. By yogis, for yogis - that's what we rely on. In addition to quality, you should make sure that your Pilates roller is the right size. The larger rollers with a length of 90cm are particularly suitable if you want to train your back, neck and head area. If you want to focus on sitting and holding exercises, a Pilates roller with a length of 45cm is best. These rollers are also particularly suitable for fascia training due to their ease of use. 

When choosing a Pilates roller, also decide on the right degree of hardness, if your favourite model offers one. Softer rollers are most suitable for beginners or for yogis who want to integrate a roller into their exercises. The standard hardness is the all-rounder for all Pilates exercises while the hard rollers are mainly suitable for professionals and bodybuilders. Find the right roller for your workout!


What can a Pilates roller be used for?

A Pilates roller can be used to target specific muscle groups during Pilates. It can also be used to massage the muscles and connective tissue, warm up the muscles before exercise and regenerate them after exercise. Such a roller effectively releases adhesions and tensions.

Which Pilates roll suits me?

The Pilates roller should be chosen based on the exercises you want to do with it. For head, neck and back exercises, the 90cm rollers are our recommendation. For sitting and holding exercises, you should choose a short roller with a length of 45 cm. Depending on the model, make sure you also choose the right degree of hardness that suits your level.

Why should I buy the Pilates roller from YOGISHOP?

We at YOGISHOP have been active in the yoga scene for years and only offer products that we ourselves are convinced of due to our long experience. This means: excellent quality, selected by yogis for yogis. Since we know our stuff, we can also take good care of you in customer service and advise you accordingly.

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