Mandala Tattoos

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Beautiful metallic tattoos that glitter on your skin. An eye-catcher for every event, for the yoga class or "off the mat" ...

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Contents: 1 set, consisting of 3 sheets in A5 format with different motifs.

Note for use:
1. Remove protective foil
2. Place the sticker on the desired skin area
3. Moisten with a little water
4. Carefully smooth onto the skin
5. After approx. 30 seconds, carefully remove
the sticker
The gold tattoos are non-toxic and can be worn for approx. 4-6 days. It is better not to apply them on sensitive skin as well as near the eyes or if you are slightly prone to allergic reactions. Position the Gold Tattoo on your skin that is not twisted or stretched. Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of oils before applying the Gold Tattoo, otherwise the Gold Tattoo will not hold! Cut out the design as close as possible. Be careful not to twist or stretch the treated skin until the Gold Tattoo has dried (at least 10 minutes).

Removing the Gold Tattoos:
Soak the Gold Tattoos on the skin with baby oil or olive oil for about 1 minute. Then simply rub off the POSH tattoo. Repeat the process if the gold tattoo has not completely disappeared.

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