Meditation cushion - round - Chakras - organic cotton - ø 36cm x 15cm

Large meditation cushion with embroidered chakra symbol and cover made of organic cotton.

The Chakra Collection offers you meditation cushions with the symbols of the seven energy centres - and with many practical advantages: The comfortable cushions have a generously wide seat, are covered with robust organic cotton and have a carrying handle on the side. They are an ideal seat for meditation as well as for pranayama or chanting, among other things, because they give you support and comfort in a posture with an erect spine and meditation seat.

The seat height of the cushion can be individually adjusted by reducing the volume of the removable fur filling.

Each cushion from the collection not only bears the characteristic ancient Indian symbol of the respective chakra, but also the colour assigned to this energy centre.

The thousand-petalled lotus as an ancient symbol for the crown chakra adorns this cushion. Especially the Sahasrara Chakra is addressed in meditation - therefore this cushion is a special recommendation.

The Ajna Chakra is also known as the "Third Eye" and is considered the energy centre from which wisdom and visions emanate. On this beautiful cushion it is represented by its traditional lotus symbol with two flowers, in the centre is the syllable OM in an inverted triangle.

The Vishuddha Chakra, the energy centre in the throat area, like all chakras, has its very specific symbol from ancient Indian lore. The unmistakable lotus symbol with the seed syllable HAM can be found on this beautiful cushion.

The Anahata or heart chakra is represented on this cushion with its unmistakable symbol of lotus blossoms in which the seed syllable YAM can be seen. A particularly gentle shade of green has been chosen here for the loving and compassionate heart.

The Manipura or navel chakra, which is associated with the energy of individuation, is depicted on this luminous and beautiful meditation cushion with its classic symbol and the Bija mantra RAM associated with it.

The typical symbol of the Svadhishtana chakra, composed of a distinctive and particularly beautiful arrangement of lotus flowers as well as the seed syllable VAM, adorns this

This beautiful meditation cushion bears the symbol of Muladhara, the root chakra at its base. A typical arrangement of lotus flowers and the bija mantra LAM as well as a rectangle are the elements of this unique symbol.

7 Chakras
The ancestral symbols of all seven energy centres adorn this special meditation cushion. Just as white light contains the total spectrum of all colour tones, white was chosen here as a symbol for all the individual chakra colours.

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Buckwheat fur
2.78 kg
36 cm
36 cm
15 cm
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