Aerial yoga - often simply called cloth yoga - is the new trend new trend that lets you fly and experience yoga in a new way. The equipment for aerial yoga, i.e. yoga cloths and corresponding Equipment for aerial yoga, i.e. yoga cloths and corresponding fastening devices, here in the YOGISHOP.

Aerial Yoga... because only flying is more beautiful!

Aerial yoga or cloth yoga is undoubtedly not just "some new trend", but a truly amazing new way to practice yoga practice. In aerial yoga, the asanas are not performed on a yoga mat, but instead in a trapezoidal cloth attached to the ceiling attached to the ceiling. The cloth can envelope the practitioner like a cocoon and create a cosy feeling of being sheltered and protected Feeling of being protected and carried (e.g. in the final relaxation) Relaxation), but it can also be used to make postures even more demanding and more demanding and intense than on the mat. The physical Forces are skilfully used in aerial yoga to create a very special Experience that is a wonderful complement to yoga on the floor on the floor. The cloth brings in a whole new component that changes a lot, yet it is still yoga and the asanas we are familiar with. Aerial Yoga offers a unique blend of strength and lightness, it is both challenging and relaxing it is challenging and relaxing at the same time. Aerial yoga also promotes Flexibility, and while some asanas are more demanding in the sling than on the mat, others are mat, others are easier and can be done without much muscle strength or pressure And without pressure. This also allows many asanas to be held held longer, allowing their effects to develop more fully can unfold. What sounds or looks very acrobatic at first, is in fact In fact nothing "outlandish", but is very practicable for most yogis and yoginis practicable for most yogis and yoginis (the contraindications to be taken into account in individual cases are to be considered in individual cases are taught in the aerial yoga training courses). Aerial Yoga brings a special attraction, and almost everyone who has heard about it is curious to curious to get to know and try this special kind of yoga try it out.
Experienced aerial yoga instructors have developed numerous sensible exercise sequences sequences that can be performed with the yoga sling and with which the potential of Potential of aerial yoga can be fully exploited.


Some key benefits of Aerial Yoga at a glance:

  • Aerial Yoga provides a whole new experience of yoga
  • The asanas are modified by the incorporation of the yoga towel the yoga towel, so that, for example, there is no pressure on the vertebrae can stay longer in the postures
  • The cloth can also be used, for example, to intensify stretches to intensify stretches
  • Letting go and trust can be encouraged, because the practitioner Practitioner allows himself to be carried by the yoga cloth

Different types of cloth yoga    

In an article by Daniela Singhal, published in YOGA AKTUELL issue 87, the different types of cloth yoga are described as follows described:

Ananda Aerial Yoga: Here, in addition to physical aspects, experiences such as letting go, And trust are in the foreground. The asanas are taught in many studios asanas are practised both in the cloth and on the floor. Pranayama and meditation are also part of the programme and meditation are also part of the programme.

AntiGravity Yoga: Developed by Christopher Harrison in the USA, this style is a workout that incorporates Elements of Pilates, gymnastics and dance. To offer this special form of Offering cloth yoga requires a licence.

The equipment for Aerial Yoga

In Difference to other yoga styles, you need a bit more equipment / accessories for aerial yoga Equipment / accessories. The central element of Aerial Yoga is of course the yoga cloth. It goes without saying that this must be an extremely durable, load-bearing cloth in which the practitioner can feel truly safe and secure feel truly safe and secure. In addition, the yoga cloth for Yoga for aerial yoga must correspond to the proven dimensions in order to offer an for the exercises. Just like the cloth, of course, the device with which it is The device with which it is fixed to the ceiling must also provide maximum Safety. We have included yoga cloths and accessories for suspension devices that that meet these criteria have been included in our range in order to offer you the perfect perfect equipment for aerial yoga.

What types of accessories can you find for Aerial Yoga can you find in the YOGISHOP?

  • Yoga towels
    The heart of our equipment for Aerial Yoga is, of course, the yoga towel. The Yoga towel from the YOGISHOP range is of high quality. Our yoga cloth is made of a special nylon fibre and has a size of 3,70 m x 2,80 m. It is suitable for a weight of up to 400 kg. We carry the yoga cloth in many different beautiful colours.
  • Round slings
    The round slings made of polyamide are part of the Fastening device for your yoga towel. You need 2 loops per yoga towel Pieces.
  • Daisy Chains
    The so-called "Daisy Chains" (named after their flower-like shape) are also part of the yoga shape) are part of the accessories with which you can attach your yoga towel for aerial Yoga to the ceiling. 2 pieces are needed per yoga towel
  • Carabiner
    The steel carabiner ensures that your yoga towel is securely with the fastening device, which is attached to the ceiling, which is attached to the ceiling. 2 pieces are needed per yoga towel

You can find more information on all products in the individual product descriptions Product descriptions.

We recommend that the necessary mounting device on the ceiling be The ceiling by a professional.

Aerial yoga in your Studio - a highlight!

Are you also toying with the idea of, Offering cloth yoga? Are you planning to do a training in one of the different types of cloth yoga? Different types of cloth yoga, or are you already trained to teach cloth yoga? teach cloth yoga? Although there are already some studios in Germany that offer Aerial Yoga Yoga in their course programme or are completely specialised in it, but this special form of yoga has this special form of yoga is still a rarity, which is a shame! actually a pity! With aerial yoga / cloth yoga you can add something really Offer something really special in your yoga studio, which is sure to bring Students will enjoy. You will find the necessary equipment for Aerial Yoga here in in great quality and you can get it at reasonable prices

Aerial Yoga at home - even in your own four walls! you can float!

You are an experienced Aerial practitioner and would like to create the possibility to do aerial yoga in your to practice aerial yoga in your own home? Of course, that's possible too! Get your own your own yoga cloth with suspension device and practise cloth yoga Whenever you want. Yogatowels for Aerial Yoga are a purchase that is definitely worthwhile - we wish you all the best with the Aerial Yoga equipment from the YOGISHOP!

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