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i9 Yoga Flask

The i9 flask helps improve the natural ability of water for self-cleaning and restructuring.

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The i9 glass flask helps improve the natural ability of water for self-cleaning and restructuring and allows it to return to its natural state of vitality. Water from our i9 can help improve the human bio-field.

The secret
Our i9 flask restructures water based on Poznik technology (Poznik TP). It has a powerful silicon tag, which is encoded with several thousand carefully selected sets of information (positive vibrations) like pranas, mantras, music, thoughts, prayers, light, numbers, colours, etc. All these elements are mutually supportive of each other and work in perfect harmony. The i9 flask has been tested extensively in international studies and results have shown that the water from this flask improves physical performance and reduces recovery time.

Electrophotonics Institute Berlin
Scientists at the worldwide leading Electrophotonics Institute Berlin have carried out extensive GDV (gas discharge visualisation) tests on the i9 flask using a Kirilian camera. The results have shown a significant increase in the human bio-field after drinking water from the i9 informed flask in comparison to water consumed from a regular glass bottle.

Poznik Technology (Poznik TP)
Poznik TP is a combination of multiple scientific processes and allows influencing of the networks of connected molecules in various materials (water, glass, plastic, metal, etc.) by way of information or code. Poznik technology is backed up by 30 years of research and innovation and was originally developed by a team of world-class inventors, who received more than 90 international awards and recognitions for their outstanding work.
A precise application of Poznik TP allows a selection, boosting and forming of specific energetic information (vibrations). Information is printed on in numbers, whereby each number contains hundreds of sets of information. This information was collected in ongoing research over the course of several decades. The encoding process encompasses strict procedures and tests, and each product comes with a unique quality certificate.

Scientific background
The basic principles of i9 are supported by the work of world-renowned pioneers in this field of science, including Dr. Korotkov, Dr. Wojkow, Dr. Pop and Dr. Masaru Emoto, as well as their predecessors Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Viktor Schauberger.

How to clean the i9 glass flask:
Clean the exterior of the i9 flask with clean water while making sure never to put direct pressure on the tag. The i9 flask must not be cleaned with any liquids containing alcohol or any abrasive detergents, as this could damage or dissolve the tag.
Never clean your i9 flask in the dishwasher, because doing so could damage the informed tag and therefore the information it carries.

Capacity: 0.65 l.
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