i9 Yoga bottle

The i9 flask helps improve the natural ability of water for self-cleaning and restructuring.

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The i9 glass drinking bottle enhances the natural ability of water to self-purify as well as restructure, returning it to its natural (living) state. Water from the i9 can strengthen the human biofield.

The Secret
The i9 drinking bottle informs water using Poznik technology (Poznik TP). It features a powerful silicon tag encoded with several thousand of carefully selected sets of information (positive vibrations) such as pranas, mantras, music, thoughts, prayers, light, numbers, colours, etc. All these elements support each other and work together in complete harmony. The i9 informed water bottle has undergone extensive international scientific testing and the result has shown that drinking water from the informed bottle improves performance and reduces recovery time.

Institute of Electrophotonics Berlin
Scientists at the world-leading "Institute of Electrophotonics" (Berlin) have conducted extensive GDV (gas discharge visualisation) tests on the i9 informed water bottle using the Kirilian camera. The tests have shown a significant increase in the human biofield after drinking water from the i9 informed water bottle, compared to drinking water from a regular glass bottle.

Poznik Technology (Poznik TP)
Poznik TP is a combination of several scientific processes that is capable of influencing the networks of connected molecules in different materials (water, glass, plastic, metal, etc.) with the help of information or a code. Poznik technology is backed by 30 years of research and innovation and was developed by a team of world-class inventors who have received over 90 international awards and accolades for their outstanding achievements.
Through the precise application of the Poznik TP, it is possible to select, amplify and imprint specific energetic information (vibrations). Information is imprinted in numbers, each number containing hundreds of sets of information. Information has been accumulated through continuous research and over a period of several decades. Encoding involves rigorous procedures and testing and each product includes a unique certificate of quality.

Scientific History
i9 principles are supported by the work and research of world-renowned pioneers in the field of science, such as Dr Korotkov, Dr Wojkow, Dr Pop and Dr Masaru Emoto, as well as their predecessors Dr Samuel Hahnemann, Dr Wilhelm Reich and Viktor Schauberger.

Cleaning the i9 glass yoga bottle:
Clean the outer surface of the i9 bottle with pure water only, never applying pressure directly. Do not clean the i9 bottle with alcohol-based liquids or other abrasive cleaners as these may damage or loosen the tag.
Do not wash your i9 water bottle in the dishwasher as this could damage the informed tag and therefore the information it carries.

Capacity: 0.65 L = Filling capacity: 650 ml

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Gabriele Nicol writes:
I love this water bottle and if someone hadn't thrown mine on the floor I wouldn't have needed a new one.
Well, the order/delivery was really fast...really great.
The great thing is that it's made of glass, it fits more than 5ml ....tolles Design und nicht tu vergessen das Wasser wird informiert.
Highly priced, but still highly recommended.
Sigrid writes:
nice bottle and motivates to drink more
Renate writes:
The bottle looks really great and also keeps really tight.
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