Why you must have the yogitowel de luxe yoga towel:

  • The yogitowel de luxe is super-slip-proof thanks to silicone nubs.
  • The absorbent towel allows you to have hygiene anytime and anywhere and is great for on the go.
  • The yogitowel de luxe is available in numerous colours and comes with a mesh bag! Mesh bag!

Learn about the yogitowel yoga towel in detail:

The practical yogatowel made of environmentally friendly, 100% PVC-free fabric is an extremely absorbent pad for any yoga mat. With its dense, velour-like fabric (microfibre) and its tremendous grip on both sides it offers much more slip resistance than an ordinary yoga towel, even during sweaty even with sweaty and dynamic yoga styles. The underside of the Yogitowel de luxe yoga towel has silicone nubs on the underside.

The yogitowel de luxe can be taken anywhere - whether to the yoga studio, to yoga events such as conferences Yoga events such as conferences, festivals etc. or on the road, where it can even Can even serve as a substitute for a mat. Of course, the hygienic towel is machine washable (up to 30 degrees). If you practise outside of your home on "foreign" mats that are mats that are used frequently, the yogitowel de luxe is particularly useful. But but it also provides additional hygiene on your own yoga mat, because it reliably absorbs It reliably absorbs perspiration and can be washed easily afterwards.

Maybe you used to take ordinary towels with you to the yoga studio as a mat pad because Yoga studio because you didn't want to carry your yoga mat around all the time or maybe you used towels at home to soak up moisture on your yoga mat Moisture onto the yoga mat at home - only to complain about the towel The frequent slipping of the towel... With the yogitowel this is a thing of the past! A thing of the past! The yogitowel de luxe yoga towel not only offers a non-slip surface, but also non-slip surface, but also lies reliably on the mat and, thanks to the nubs stays exactly where it is thanks to the nubs. No waves, no distractions in the Flow.

And if there is no yoga mat far and wide, then the yoga towel yogitowel de luxe can also be used as a sole mat. Fortunately it fits easily into any sports bag or larger handbag, and can also be carried Handbag and can also be easily taken along in the mesh bag that comes with it

Bikram yogis particularly appreciate the yogitowel de luxe yoga towel, but it is also very yogitowel de luxe is particularly popular with Bikram yogis very widespread. Once you have the yogitowel de luxe, you won't give it back again.

Another advantage of the yogitowel de luxe yoga towel is its multifunctional usability It can also be used as a mat or as a scarf for meditation, for example, and as a blanket for for meditation and as a blanket for Shavasana. The pleasant Microfibre feels good on the skin

All this makes the yogitowel de luxe a must-have that should not be missing from your yoga equipment Yoga equipment and always serves you well. If the yogitowel de luxe already existed, it would definitely have to be invented quickly!

Included in the scope of delivery is a practical matching carrying bag made of Mesh fabric.

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis?

  • As a Specialist in yoga equipment, YOGISTAR offers great variety, beautiful designs and of course top quality
  • In product development, YOGISTAR attaches great importance to innovative materials and to Environmental friendliness.
  • The Love of yoga and customer satisfaction are essential for YOGISTAR.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yoga towel yogitowel de luxe

  • Is the yogitowel de luxe washable?
    Yes, the yogitowel can be washed in the washing machine. However, it is not the silicone nubs, however, it is not suitable for the dryer!
Entire description

85 % polyester, 15 % polyamide
Suitable bag
All bags
Suitable for allergic
Slip resistance
For studios
Machine wash
0.58 kg
185 cm
63.5 cm
0.25 cm
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Reduced from 19,95 € 14,95 €
inkl. 19% VAT
basic (22.5 x 12 x 7.4cm)
big (22.5 x 15 x 7.5cm)
supers. (22.5 x 15 x 10cm)
from 10,50 €
inkl. 19% VAT
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3 for you
15 g
40 g
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Reviews for Yoga towel yogitowel® de luxe
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Ulrike writes:
I bought the yoga mat basic and the yoga bag basic zip cotton. The material is very comfortable. The colours are exactly as described.
I can only recommend it.
Ana writes:
The Yogatowel is a super purchase - you no longer lie on other people's mats, you can also use it as a yoga mat that is easy to crumple into your suitcase, it stays exactly where you placed it thanks to the nubs and has a pleasant, non-slip surface.
Georg writes:
Super yoga towel no longer slips away stays the way you put it down nice and soft Top product
Renate writes:
Great yoga cloths, exactly what I had in mind. I ordered two at once to change. The goods arrived quickly and reliably in perfect condition. Good experience!
Caroline writes:
Unfortunately not as non-slip as described. Nothing beats a good yoga mat
Johanna writes:
Received the goods well. Had thought the cloth would be a little more intense in colour. Already pre-washed, will use it for the 1st time next week.
Melanie writes:
As always, delivery and service were top-notch. The cloth is great in itself, due to the nubs on the underside it sits snugly on both mats and smooth floors, unfortunately this slip resistance does not apply to the surface from my point of view. I couldn't even walk into the dog looking down, no chance of holding on as my hands kept slipping off. I can imagine that it would be great for hot yoga, for example, if you have sweaty hands. However, the material doesn't feel that comfortable from my point of view. Therefore, I'm returning it.
blandina writes:
The ordering system, billing procedure and delivery were top notch.
The sling is great for me to have on the go, easily and in every studio
to have a top pad in every studio. However, the microfibre material is generally
not very pleasant for the hands. Thank you very much anyway!
Michaela writes:
Super yoga cloth! I like the material, shape and colour very much. Exactly what I was missing! Even the first wash didn't change my first impression, the shape and colour are still like new!
Jeannette writes:
great part, I don't always need to take my mat to the studio, it's great as a support for the mats there and now and then as a yoga mat for on the go
Petra writes:
Great cloth. Gives good support. Comfortable.
Very nice colour.
Susanne writes:
The yoga towel has been a very good purchase. It has a non-slip grip on any surface. It is absorbent. Due to its weight and pack size, it can be taken along as a mat replacement on trips at any time. Simply great.
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