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Yoga Bolster & Sandbag 

The perfect tools for Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and other yoga styles! 

Yoga bolsters and sandbags - very useful for Tri Yoga, but also for Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and other yoga styles - can be found in this section. You will also find a TriYoga cushion here. Discover yoga bolsters, sandbags and cushions to enrich your asana practice

How and for what do I use Yoga Bolster? 

Yoga bolsters are a tool that is often used in Restorative Yoga, among others, because they are wonderful for taking passive and restorative postures. For example, you can lie down on the bolster in a backbend and indulge in this position for a longer period of time, while the spine experiences a pleasant stretching

A yoga bolster can also be placed under the buttocks in shoulder stand, for example, and can also serve as a support in other postures such as Dandasana or Sethubandhasana. The bolster can be placed under the neck or under the knees and can even be used for Shavasana. Many applications are possible. The bolsters from the YOGISHOP offer a stable, but also very comfortable and adaptable support. Yoga bolsters are particularly popular in yin yoga and therapeutically oriented yoga. As the name suggests, yoga bolsters are also used in TriYoga, and the bolsters from the YOGISHOP were originally designed with this style of yoga, which was founded by the Californian Kali Ray, in mind. Bolsters are part of the equipment in many yoga studios and seminar centres. In addition to its use in the asanas, the yoga bolster can also serve as a comfortable seat when, for example, the yoga teacher is giving a lecture or when chanting. 

What do I use the punching bag for? 

A punching bag is used to specifically weigh down the body or individual parts of the body. The sandbag serves as a weight and is both comfortable and low-risk to use. The punching bag can be placed on top to intensify stretches, but you can also place it on your belly and breathe against the resistance it exerts (this way you feel the breathing much more consciously). The sandbag can also be placed under the feet to stretch the Achilles tendons. The sandbag can help you to ground yourself more strongly in the asanas and gives you a deep relaxation through its weight alone. The effect of this simple and often underestimated yoga tool is found to be amazing by many yoga practitioners. For example, try out what a difference it makes when you place a sandbag on your lower back in the child's pose (Balasana). The sandbag can be used in many other ways - for example, as a support for correct alignment. 

In seated postures, the sandbag can be used as a support for correct alignment

In seated postures such as Upavishtha Konasana, for example, the sandbag can be placed on the thighs in such a way that it promotes their external rotation. Shoulder alignment can also be improved with the help of the sandbag, for example if you cannot bring the shoulder towards the floor in the crocodile poses. If you use two sandbags, you have even more options and can even use the weights to create more width in the body by stretching different parts of the body in different directions. 

Sandbags (similar to yoga bolsters) are used particularly often in TriYoga, among other things, but also in Yin Yoga. The sandbag can also be used in the therapeutic field

Which yoga bolsters and sandbags can I get in the YOGISHOP? 

TriYoga Bolster, large 

The large Yoga Bolster from the YOGISHOP measures 63 x 28 x 13.5 centimetres and weighs just under 900 grams. This bolster offers you a comfortable surface to rest on and a variety of uses (see above, for example). The yoga bolster has a durable cotton twill, removable with zip. The cover of the bolster is washable at 30° in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. The inner cushion is made of foam

TriYoga Bolster, round 

This quality bolster is a classic, because especially round yoga bolsters are very popular. The dimensions of this comfortable bolster are 25 centimetres in diameter x 67 centimetres. The round yoga bolster is filled with spelt fur. 

TriYoga bolster, small 

In addition to the two large bolsters, we also offer a small yoga cushion in the YOGISHOP that can be used in a similar way. Depending on the specific aversion and need, a small pillow can sometimes prove even more practical. 

The light cushion made of durable cotton with kapok filling is ideal for underlaying in many different asanas, but of course also as a base for meditation. Due to its light weight and small dimensions, it is also perfect for travelling and on the road

TriYoga Sandbag 

As described above with various examples, the Sandbagis used as a weight for better alignment, for deeper relaxation and for intensified stretching and can be used for this in many different postures. This punching bag has a weight of 4 kilograms and is made of a robust cotton fabric. The sandbag is filled with washed quartz sand. An extremely practical dart, placed in the middle of the bag, facilitates folding (by which the volume can be easily doubled) and of course also the stable resting on individual body areas or body parts. Last but not least, a carrying handle facilitates positioning and also makes the sandbag convenient to carry. 

Are the yoga bolsters and the sandbag from the YOGISHOP only suitable for TriYoga?

No, the bolsters and sandbag from the YOGISHOP can also be used for other forms of yoga (see the info above). However, our yoga bolsters and sandbags were developed at the request of and in collaboration with TriYoga teachers, which is why they specifically bear this name. 

Bolster and sandbag are a real support in asana practice 

In the information above, we have tried to give a small taste of what you can do with a yoga bolster and sandbags in your yoga practice. Most yoga teachers will be happy to help you explain in more detail and show you how to use the yoga bolster and sandbag directly in your practice. Maybe you attend yoga classes where these tools are used anyway or you are a yoga teacher yourself and know how to use them? In any case, yoga bolsters and sandbags can help you to deepen your asana practice in a meaningful way and enable you to experience relaxation, stretching or alignment in a new way. We wish you much success with the bolsters and sandbags in terms of refining and expanding your practice, which will bring you much good. 


How is a yoga bolster used?

Yoga bolsters are often used in various types of yoga as an aid, for example, to hold passive and restorative postures. Many positions can be held for a longer period of time with a bolster. Bolsters can also create a pleasant stretch and are also used in TriYoga. The bolsters from the YOGISHOP were originally designed especially for this style of yoga, which was founded by the Californian Kali Ray. Bolsters are part of the equipment in many yoga studios and seminar centres. In addition to its use in the asanas, the bolster can also serve as a comfortable seat when, for example, the yoga teacher is giving a lecture or when chanting.

For which yoga forms can yoga bolsters be used?

Although many of our yoga bolsters mention TriYoga in their name, they are also wonderful for other styles of yoga. For example, they can be used wonderfully in restorative yoga, as a pad in various poses in general, or to sit on during a lecture or chanting.

What makes our YOGISHOP yoga bolsters stand out?

Our YOGISHOP yoga bolsters are made of high-quality materials and come in different sizes, shapes and designs. This means you can always choose the yoga bolster that suits your needs, your yoga style and your style in general.

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