rollholz Fascia Ball - Massage Ball made of Alder

Rolling pin ball for spot massage of the arms, legs, back and neck area.

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The rollholz balls are particularly suitable for Myofascial release exercises (e.g. for tension/stiffness in the underarms Underarms, soles of the feet, back or tension in the buttocks) Buttocks).

With the rollholz fascia and massage products, tense areas of the body can be Tense areas of the body can be relieved and pain reduced in different ways and pain can be reduced. Popular areas of application are the fasciae And muscle tissues of the sole of the foot, the legs, the back and the nerve Legs, the back and the neck. Acute rolling out (using the rollholz or the rollholz mini roll) and the selective massaging (using (by means of rollholz balls) of the body after a sporting activity to favour regeneration and increased mobility Mobility. The loosening of stuck fasciae leads to the relaxation of the affected area and also promotes the rebuilding of mobility in painful and In painful and restricted areas.

The high quality rollholz fascia and massage products are noble and handcrafted products from the Black Forest. They combine optimal Functionality with aesthetics, haptics and ecology.

Care & skin-friendliness:
All rollholz products are particularly easy to care for and, due to the natural natural materials used (solid wood and natural linseed oil) hygienic and anti-allergenic.

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