rollholz Fascia Roller - Wooden Massage Roller

For the treatment of muscles and connective tissue or fascia.

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rollwood is a massage roller for the treatment of muscles and connective tissue or fascia. It enables the release of tension and actively supports regeneration after athletic exertion. Thanks to its innovative design, it is ideal for use in the back area, as the central recess ensures permanent protection of the spine. The rollholz also provides optimal support for use in other areas of the body such as the gluteal, upper or lower leg muscles. These properties make rollholz an indispensable companion for every athlete and for all those who are looking for physical and mental relaxation in their stressful everyday lives.

With its simple but elegant appearance, rollholz is a visual enrichment for every home, office, fitness or wellness studio and fits perfectly into the concept of a sophisticated physiotherapy practice. Each individual rollholz meets the highest quality standards and, as a handcrafted natural product, is nevertheless guaranteed to remain unique!

With rollholz, the manufacturer carries a piece of the Black Forest out into the world. The manufacturer is driven not only by a fascination for movement and the human body, but also by a firm belief in sustainable and ecological product development. Thus, each rollholz is hand-finished with natural linseed oil after regional production in the Black Forest and receives its appropriate packaging through a fairly produced organic cotton bag. rollholz thus combines our principles of a sustainable, regional and high-quality product.

Measures: 30 cm high, ø 14 cm.

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30 cm
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14 cm
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Leonie writes:
A very special "piece" of wood!
Everyone should own one, for themselves at home and professionally in the studio/practice.
Rollholz is not only convincing because of its unique design.
It brings harmony of nature and body into every training.
Rollholz gives a sensational body feeling, invigorates the sensory organ "fascia" all over the body and makes you happy - simply a brilliant thing!
I can only recommend it, try it out and enjoy!!!
Oliver writes:
As a physiotherapist, I can highly recommend the roller. As a Blackroll and rolling pin owner, I would strongly prefer the rolling pin.
The hardness of the wood is about the same as the hardest grade of the Blackroll and offers a visually upscale alternative to the foam/plastic neon look of other operators.
Those who are not interested in the noble room design of the wood will also appreciate the functional properties of the rolling wood through its shape and material after the first use. Due to the recess in the middle, it is not only perfect for the back, but on large areas (thighs), the pleasant curves can specifically increase the pressure in the tissue, which, compared to flat products, leads to a greater compression and mobilisation of the connective tissue and stimulates the blood circulation more.
Warmly recommended.
Timo writes:
Absolutely ingenious. I worked with the roller in rehab and am absolutely thrilled. It was painful at first, because the body is not used to the pressure and the training, but by now I am almost "addicted" to it. The roller (mine is made of alder) is a very high-quality product and very well and beautifully made. The cotton bag that comes with it means you can take it everywhere. There are so many "fascia rollers" on the market, but I would always go back to my current rolling pin. Thanks to everyone for the great processing and handling.

Best regards.
T. W.
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