rollholz fascia ball - massage double ball made of walnut

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Tense back? Simply relax with the double ball!

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rollholz double ball - The sustainable massage balls from the Black Forest

Tense back? Simply relax with the double ball!
  • The small sustainable helper made of Black Forest wood for the punctual & isolated treatment of tissue structures
  • Ideal for the punctual treatment of the back extensor & the soles of the feet as well as for the targeted rolling out of the calf and forearm muscles and forearm muscles
  • A pleasant & warm skin feeling due to the natural product wood
  • 100% natural & completely biodegradable
  • Handmade in Germany from FSC certified wood
  • 10 years warranty

The double ball is the ideal companion, when it comes to the selective treatment of chronic tension or the loosening of "firm" connective tissue structures. The little helper is particularly suitable for muscular tension in the area of the thoracic and lumbar spine as well as for the entire back area. The innovative notch spares the spine and thus allows for optimal pressure distribution.
The initial feeling of pressure during use soon gives way to a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Tense back muscles are soon a thing of the past.
The rollholz double ball can also be used in a variety of preventative and regenerative ways. For example, stressed connective tissue structures along the Achilles tendon benefit from a small rolling unit after a jog. This promotes regeneration and can be used to specifically counteract emerging complaints.

Ideal for warming up, reducing and preventing tension and associated muscle pain as well as for regeneration and promoting mobility.
  • Applications in fascia training: neck muscles (if necessary, place the rollholz double ball on a folded towel). back extensors, calf & lower leg muscles (especially in the Achilles tendon area), soles of the feet, upper & lower arm muscles
  • Application in fascia training with rounded sides: for selective pressure massage, especially muscle tissue in the shoulder & chest area

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Wood used: Walnut Oil used: Linseed oil
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