Yoga straps are extremely useful tools for your yoga practice Yoga practice that can help you in many ways to expand and refine your asana practice Asana practice in many ways. With a yoga strap you can Bridge distances and thus make postures easier and more accessible or or intensify stretches. Get your quality yoga belt from the YOGISHOP from the YOGISHOP.

Your yoga belt - a versatile tool

Yoga straps can be used in many asanas and offer various application possibilities. Especially in Iyengar Yoga yoga and therapeutic yoga, but they are also very popular in other they enjoy great popularity. For example, when you practice the so-called the so-called "bound postures" (such as Gomukhasana), the belt is the best hands, the belt is the extension you need. When from the supine position If you want to stretch the back thigh muscles from the supine position, put the yoga belt around the foot and stretch The yoga belt around your foot and gently pull your leg, which is stretched upwards, closer and closer to you gently closer and closer to you. In Dandasana you can wrap the strap around both feet and and work your way forward bit by bit... These three examples show how varied the benefits of the yoga belt are, and they and illustrate the range of possibilities. The purchase of a Yoga belt can be very worthwhile. Learn from your yoga teacher how to how you can use the yoga belt in a particularly useful way - yoga teachers who yoga straps themselves can usually give you various suggestions on how to use the yoga how the yoga belt can best support you - especially if they know your level of practice from class they know your level of practice from the classes and therefore know in which In which Asanas you still need a little help and in which postures you can go even you can go even further. If you are already an advanced practitioner and have and have a good assessment of your own practice and a feeling for alignment you will come up with many ideas yourself on how to use your yoga belt for your yoga belt profitably. In any case, as I said before, the yoga belt can can help you to develop your asana practice in a meaningful way

Here again are the overview of the various benefits and areas of application of the yoga belt:

  • Simplification of yoga postures, e.g. of "bound" postures
  • Precise adjustment, i.e. alignment in yoga postures
  • Intensification of stretches

An overview of the different Yoga straps at a glance

In our range of products you will find a selection of of different yoga belts, which differ in length, among other things. You have the Choose between yoga belts with a print (e.g. to match the design of your yoga mat) and between different colours and materials. We offer the following yoga we offer:

The yoga belt yogibelt 260P

The classic yoga belt made of cotton with plastic buckle (the designation P in the name stands for "plastic") has a length of 260 cm.

The yoga belt yogibelt 260M

Like the model mentioned above, this yoga belt is also made of cotton and has a length of 260 cm, but it is equipped with a metal ring (designation M in the name = metal).

The yoga belt yogibelt Indian Flower

This is a cotton yoga belt with print in a beautiful Indian Flower design. The buckle is made of plastic, the length of this belt is 260 cm

The yoga belt yogibelt OM, MB

This model is extra-long strap with OM print andit metal D-ring: this attractively printed yoga belt measures ultra-long 300 cm.

The yoga belt 260 MB jute

Jutefase has been chosen as the material for this yoga belt. It is a a yoga belt with a metal D-ring and a length of 260 cm

Your yoga belt is durable and long-lasting

Of course, the yoga straps in our range are also of high quality, just like all the other products in the YOGISHOP. This means that you can be sure of the Yoga belt and you will be able to enjoy your yoga belt for a long time your yoga belt for a long time

Can I use the yoga belt "yogibelt" as studio equipment?

Of course you can also order yoga belts in large quantities in order to to equip your yoga school with them. As a rule, all models of the yogi belt models are usually in stock, and of course you as a yoga teacher Yoga teacher can benefit from our usual teacher discount. The robust yogibelts are ideally suited as teaching equipment!

Can the yoga belt also be used beyond yoga?

Yoga straps can also be used as part of physiotherapy exercises.

Long or short - which yoga strap is the right one for me?

As mentioned above, we offer the yogibelt in different lengths different lengths. If you are not sure which variation you should which one to order, we recommend the longer yoga belt. If you length, you can simply shorten the strap or fold it twice or fold it twice. If you have any questions, our competent competent service team, which you can reach by phone or e-mail (see contact) (see contact).

Is a yoga belt is a yoga belt more suitable for beginners or for advanced practitioners?

A yoga belt can be used by both beginners and experienced practitioners it is useful for all yoga practitioners. As indicated in the above Information above, a yoga belt can be used for a variety of purposes purposes. For beginners, it can enable them to perform certain exercises, although they do not yet have sufficient flexibility to fully assume the asana the asana without the aid of a yoga strap. Advanced yogis and yoginis can use the Yoga belt to make asanas more challenging or to fine-tune the alignment Or to fine-tune the alignment, i.e. to make it more precise. Thus the Yoga belt is completely independent of how long or how intensively one has you already practise yoga.

Which Yoga equipment is suitable in combination with my yoga belt?

In principle, a yoga belt can be used independently of other yoga equipment Yoga belt can be used independently of other yoga equipment; its use is not linked to other tools Its use is not linked to other tools. Similar to a yoga belt, yoga blocks can yoga blocks can clarify the asana practice, and like the yoga belt, they can be they can provide useful support in a variety of ways. If you of using a yoga belt, this tool could also be of interest to you also be interesting for you. The yoga belt and yoga block are probably the most common and universal yoga tools for asana practice. Other props such as the yoga bolsters, which are also very popular, or more specialised aids such as the yoga Yoga chair or the headstand stool can also be found in our accessories section
We wish you a lot of joy with your yoga belt and many aha experiences in your asana practice! in your asana practice! Of course we are always happy to receive your feedback on our yoga straps and other yoga products about our other yoga products.
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