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Yoga Block

Yoga blocks allow for customisation of different asanas. Yoga blocks from us are of high quality and durable. 

Classic props in a modern design: In YOGISHOP you will find the right yoga block for every asana and for every possible application. Discover our yoga blocks and refine your yoga practice

Stable and light - your yoga block

A famous verse from Patanjali's Yogasutra says that an asana should be "sthira-sukha", meaning "stable and light". It's the same with yoga blocks! Your yoga block should of course be able to withstand everything you plan to do with it in the asanas, but at the same time it should be as light as possible so that you can transport it without a lot of ballast (when you take it to a yoga class, for example) and also so that it is safe to use. Both criteria are absolutely guaranteed by the materials used for our yoga blocks. Experience lightness and stability in the asanas - with your light and stable yoga block! 

Your yoga block has a good grip

Grip is also an important criterion for a yoga block, because of course you don't want your hands to slip off the block. even if they are wet. The materials of our yoga blocks not only feel comfortable, but also offer you enough grip. 

Why a yoga block at all?

What can you actually do with a yoga block? What are the benefits of this yoga aid? With a yoga block you can make asanas more challenging, for example by increasing the intensity of a stretch, or you can make them easier. You can either decrease or increase the distance between the poses, making them less challenging or more challenging depending on the posture. For example, if your hands do not reach the floor but you need to support yourself with them, the yoga block can be used as a bridge. The yoga block can also be used to press against it with both hands, thighs or knees, creating a pressure towards the midline that stabilises the posture. 

Yoga blocks are particularly common in Iyengar yoga, but they can also be extremely useful in other styles and are widely used. Yoga blocks are usually purchased in pairs, as two blocks are needed for a variety of different applications. Sometimes, however, a single yoga block is sufficient (cf. for example the example above, in which both thighs or knees press against a block). Most yoga teachers can give you a variety of examples of how the yoga block can be used and can show you how to use the yoga block for your individual needs. The yoga block can help you to refine yoga postures or to approach asanas step by step that you were previously unable to do or that seemed difficult to you

Your yoga block for all occasions - variety is the trump card 

The yoga block from the "yogiblock" series by the manufacturer Yogistar is available in numerous different models, so that you will always find the right block for your needs. Here we briefly introduce the different types of yoga block: 

Hard foam yoga blocks

Your basic model: the classic yoga block 

The Yogablock yogiblock basicis a standard block that is particularly inexpensive and available in many colours. It is even cheaper if you order it in a practical double pack. This yoga block is also very popular as equipment for yoga schools

Your extra: the large yoga block 

The yogiblock big is just like the basic yoga block a light but very stable hard foam block. The difference lies in the size: the yogiblock big comes with larger dimensions. This yoga block can also be ordered in a discounted double pack. 

Your super block: the yoga block in king-size format 

The yoga block yogiblock super size lives up to its name. If you need a really big yoga block for your purposes, this model is on the spot. 

Your special one: the yoga block with the OM 

The tried and tested hard foam block is also available with a special design: the yogiblock big OM variant corresponds exactly to the yogiblock big in terms of dimensions, but is printed with the OM. 

Your most beautiful: the flowery yoga block 

Another design variation of the yoga block yogiblock big is the beautiful yogiblock big Indian Flower with floral print. The gold-coloured pattern looks simply wonderful on the purple background. 

Your unusual one: the yoga block with the wave 

The unusual shape of the yogiblock wave is not just a crazy idea, it is really clever: Ergonomically adapted to the natural curves of the body, this yogablock is particularly comfortable to use. 

Your friend for "special operations": the oval yoga block 

The yogiblock eggis perfectly suited for postures such as the fish (matsyasana) with its egg shape. 

Slim but mighty: the flat yoga block 

The yogiblock fat is also a yoga block for special cases, because it can be placed particularly well under the neck, for example, when an additional support is desired in the final relaxation. Whenever only small elevations are needed, this thin but flat yoga block can be used well. And last but not least, it can also be used as a cold-insulating seat pad. 

For sarvangasana: the yoga block for shoulder stand 

The yogiblock shoulder stand offers a comfortable and safe base. 

Yoga blocks made of cork and bamboo

Naturally good: the yoga block made of cork 

For those who love natural materials, the yogiblock corkis a very nice alternative to foam blocks. This yoga block is also stable and light as well as comfortable to use. The cork yoga block is available in three different sizes (basic, big and supersize)

Made of a good wood: the yoga block made of bamboo 

Bamboo wood is ideal for making sturdy yoga blocks and was thus used by the manufacturer Yogistar as another natural material: The result is the popular yogiblock bamboo. 

For yoga teachers: the yoga block for your studio 

The proven, high-quality yoga blocks from Yogishop are also very popular with yoga studios. As studio equipment, for example, the universal yogiblock basic is a real "hit", but many other yoga blocks from our range are also used by yoga schools. Do you also need a yoga block in large quantities for your yoga classes? Order yoga blocks for your students - as always, as a yoga teacher you will receive your 10 percent discount and thus a great reduction! 

Your yoga block will take you further 

Discover your favourite yoga block, try something new and develop your asana practice! Yoga blocks from the YOGISHOP can help you to refine asanas, i.e. to be able to align yourself better (i.e. more anatomically sensible) in them, or to be able to hold certain postures at all. Thus, your yoga block can become an important building block for your yoga practice! 


What is a Yoga Block used for?

A yoga block can be used to make asanas easier or more challenging for you. Spaces can be shortened or lengthened to strengthen or soften a stretch. You can slowly approach asanas that are difficult for you or add intensity to exercises that are already too easy for you.

What is a yoga block made of?

Our yoga blocks come in different materials such as hard foam, cork and bamboo. Within these categories you will find different sizes and shapes of yoga blocks, so that you can always find the right block for you.

What should I look for when buying a yoga block?

When buying your yoga block, it is important to know how you want to use it. For example, a flat yoga block is more suitable for use as a neck support, while a particularly large block may be necessary for reducing distances. Therefore, choose the yoga block that suits the exercises you want to do.

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