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You are often on the road with your yoga mat - to the studio, to a yoga event, to friends or on yoga trips? Yoga event, to friends or on yoga trips? Then a yoga bag that fits the size of your The size of your yoga mat, is a wonderful way to comfortably your non-slip mat comfortably. Discover our large selection of different beautiful yoga bags.

The benefits of a yoga bag, in brief Yoga bag, in a nutshell

There are bags in abundance in this world, that's for sure. So why do you need a special yoga mat bag? At the latest when you take your Yoga mat with you to yoga class or elsewhere, you will quickly realise that quickly realise that most "conventional" bags simply don't hold a mat simply not stow away well. Clamping the yoga mat under your arm is quite uncomfortable uncomfortable - especially if you're travelling by bike or public transport, or if you're still Public transport or if you have other things to carry other things. A yoga mat bag offers space for your yoga mat as well as for a few smaller utensils that you always Utensils that you always have with you. It can be comfortably hung over your shoulder over your shoulder and won't get in your way. Even heavier types of mats can be carried in it without without putting too much strain on it. In addition, the mat is protected and kept kept clean.

Bag with format: Your yoga bag is made for your yoga mat

Whichever yoga mat you choose from our wide range of yoga mats we have a suitable bag for every type of mat in our range Assortment. There are even various yoga bags to choose from for most mat sizes More about the different models of our yoga bags in the product overview and of course in the respective more about the different models of our yoga bags in the product overview and, of course, in the respective product descriptions

Which material should your yoga bag be made of? your yoga bag have? You decide...

The classic yoga bag "yogibag" by the manufacturer Yogistar, which forms the core of our yoga bag range, is available in either in water-repellent nylon or in robust cotton. You will also find you will also find yoga bags made of imitation leather (PU) and a polyester-cotton blend (this is the material of the "citibag") as well as other cotton bags.

Introduction: The different yoga bags from the Yogishop range

As already mentioned, we offer our yoga bags in various formats in different formats, of course. After all, the different Yoga mat models are quite different in terms of length and thickness so that they take up different amounts of space when rolled up. To help you find a bag that fits you perfectly, we have developed a range of yogibags from the yogibag basic to the yogibag big the yogibag big and the yogibag extra big to the mega big version Sizes in our range. Furthermore, the bags are available in different Materials (see above) and with a choice of several designs, as well as of course as well as plain and classic without any prints.
Here's a small list for a first overview first overview:

The yogibag basic made of cotton

Available in six beautiful colours, the yogibag basic is made from sturdy Yogimat basic and other models. The Yoga bag can be closed at the top with a cord and, thanks to the strap, can be the yoga bag can be carried over the shoulder. The yogibag basic is made of cotton and has the Yogistar logo printed on it.

The yogibag basic made of nylon

This version of the yogibag basic is made of water-repellent nylon water-repellent nylon. With sewn-on logo and available in five different colours

The yogibag basic net

And another yoga bag in basic size: the nylon yoga bag with mesh lets you the colour of your yoga mat peek through.


Larger sizes: The yoga bags yogibag big, yogibag extra big, yogibag XXL and yogibag mega big

If you have a yoga mat that differs in size - especially when rolled up - from the rolled up - differs from the standard mats, you need a correspondingly a correspondingly larger yoga bag model. The yoga bags listed above ensure that you will find the right bag for every mat model. Which yoga mats fit into which yoga bag is described in the product descriptions Product descriptions for the individual bags. With our yoga mats, too, you will always find information about which Yoga bags are suitable for the respective model

Design yoga bags

The manufacturer Yogistar, from whom we obtain the majority of our Yoga bags, is constantly creating beautiful designs with yogic motifs for its entire designs with yogic motifs for its entire product portfolio. There are always special editions with Prints for that certain something extra. The yoga bags from Yogistar are also available in various design variants, for example with deity motifs (Shiva, Lakshmi and Ganesha), Lakshmi and Ganesha) and with OM print. We also have a yoga bag with colourful chakra symbols from the manufacturer Yogamasti in our range.

City style: the yoga bag city bag

The citybag is almost like a reinvention of the Yoga mat bag, because it celebrates a whole new style. Also available as a gods edition with prints of Shiva, Lakshmi and Ganesha!

Very fashionable: the yogibag fashion yoga bag

The yoga bag yogibag fashion in chic black is designed simi similar in design to the citybag, but is made of PU leather (imitation leather). This Yoga bag would be a pleasure to carry around even without a yoga mat without a yoga mat, because it's the ultimate in style and can be seen everywhere everywhere.

For Yoga & Dolce Vita: the Active Maxi Bag

Let's face it, most women love bags - beautiful bags and handbags in all shapes, colours and sizes Handbags in all shapes, colours and sizes are an accessory that simply delights the heart gladdens the heart. And when a bag is as roomy and practical as the bag practical as the Maxi Bag, then women simply pack everything into it that could be important things and head off to the beach, for a shopping trip, for an excursion with A trip with her best friend or even to yoga. The Maxi Bag with its cotton outer fabric and the beautiful inner lining prints Prints on the inside will always win over fashionistas who are living life to the full by storm. By the way, you can also put your yoga mat inside - although it will it will be peeping out, but it will still be safely stowed away. The Maxi Bag is simply maximum good.

Additionally in the Range: cotton bags with yoga motifs

For all those who want to have yoga in their luggage even when they are not when they are not on the move with their mat, there are the spacious Cotton bags with the motifs Ganesha, Lakshmi, Shiva and Om as well as with the Yogishop logo. These bags offer space for your shopping and for everything else you and everything else that needs to be carried from A to B - or even for your mat for your mat.

Small but effective effective: the Carry Strap

The Carry Strap is an ingenious little invention that offers an alternative to the yoga mat bag Alternative to the yoga mat bag. If you don't have a Yoga mat bag at hand or don't want to invest in one at the moment, then fix your then simply fix your mat with the inexpensive Carry Strap. It not only holds the mat together, but also offers you a practical carrying loop Carrying strap.

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