Yoga bag yogibag® basic - zip - cotton - 65 cm - OM OM grey

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Yoga carrybag zip art collection made of cotton for yogimat® 'Basic zip'

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With the yoga bag yogimat basic - zip - cotton - art collection you can take your yoga mat comfortably yogimat basic - zip - cotton - art collection you can comfortably take your yogamat with you and have also chosen a unique look. The art collection offers exquisite and lovingly created designs with yoga symbolism

Why you must have the yogibag basic - zip - cotton - art collection - 65 cm:

  • The art collection stands out for its extraordinary designs
  • With the yogibag basic - zip - cotton - 65 cm cotton - 65 cm you have a robust and washable cotton bag.
  • This model is tailored to fit the popular yogimat basic by YOGISTAR yogimat basic.

Learn the yogibag basic - zip - cotton- art collection - 65 cm in detail:
The yogibag basic - zip - cotton - art collection - 65 cm is a useful and accessories for the yogimat basic or for other yogis other Yogamats with the same width (61 cm). The yogibag basic - zip - cotton - 65 cm is always yogibag basic - zip - cotton - 65 cm is used whenever you are out and about with your yogamat - on the Way to the On the way to the yoga studio, to practice with friends or to events Mat mat in this bag very easily and comfortably. Simply sling it over your Shoulders and off you go... The shoulder strap of the yogibag basic - zip - cotton - is zip - cotton - 65 cm is adjustable and thanks to the zip that runs along the entire length of the bag the entire length of the bag you can easily put the yoga mat into the bag. In the extra compartment (of the Variants "OM - grey", "OM - bordeaux", "OM - choco" and "lakshmi - saffron"), you can put your yoga mat saffron), on which discreet logo embroidery, important small items can be stored in the small Important small utensils can be stored safely and securely. The robust Of the yogibag basic - zip - cotton protects your yoga mat from dirt and Yoga mat from dirt and ensures that it always arrives safely at its destination destination, and you can you can also store your mat in the bag at home.

  • If you want to clean the yogibag basic - zip - cotton, you can simply wash it in the washing machine
  • Besides all these practical advantages, the yogibag yogimat basic - zip - cotton - 65cm also looks good.
  • The yogibag yogibag basic - zip - cotton - 65cm is available in different colours cotton - 65 cm is available in different colours and is a popular popular range classic.

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis? so popular?

  • YOGISTAR is the competent specialist for yoga equipment and is regarded in the yoga scene as one of the pioneers in product design and quality product design and quality.
  • Innovative materials with great attention to environmental friendliness distinguish the yoga bags from YOGISTAR. We do not know standstill! It we always invest in new materials that make your yoga bag even more even more non-slip, durable and ecological.
  • YOGISTAR develops all products with a lot of love for yoga and based on Yoga and on the basis of practical experience, whereby there is a constant many well-known yoga teachers.

FAQs: The most frequently asked questions about your new yoga bag yogibag basic - zip - cotton - 65 cm:

  • For which mats can I use the yogibag basic - zip - cotton - 65 cm use?
    The yogibag basic is designed for the yogimat basic, which has a mat width of 61 cm has. The bag itself is 65 cm wide, so you can easily put the yogimat basic and comparable mats inside and comparable mats.

  • Does the yogibag basic - zip - cotton - 65 cm have an additional compartment?
    Yes, the variants "OM - grey", "OM - bordeaux", "OM - choco" and "lakshmi - saffron" have a small additional compartment for keys, money or smartphone Smartphone.

Entire description
OM - grey
Suitable yoga mat
Ultra, Ultra Grip, Pro, Basic
Not machine washable, hand wash, wash dark colours separately.
Textile material
0.2 kg
65 cm
14 cm
14 cm
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Reviews for Yoga bag yogibag® basic - zip - cotton - 65 cm - OM OM grey
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Kathrin writes:
This yoga bag is exactly what I have been looking for. Simply perfect!!!
Silvia writes:
super bag
Jana writes:
Good price-performance ratio of the mat bag (have the grey version)!
I have the EcoPro mat and a JadeYoga mat (long 5mm version) and both fit in without any problems. I also find the small pocket practical for hair ties, keys, mobile phone, etc.
I usually cycle to yoga and the adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.
Andrea writes:
Everything is fine - always happy to do it again!
GAbi writes:
Very great mat. Perfect for sweaty hands.
The bag is the best.
Agathi writes:
Everything worked out fine.
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