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Yoga cushions for meditation

Straight back and knees as close as possible to the ground - that is the typical meditation pose. Sounds a lot easier than it is - especially if you are supposed to stay motionless like that for a while! Most beginners who have not had years of experience in meditation, often get pins and needles in their legs fairly quickly - not to mention other distracting discomforts here and there. Your meditation experience will most definitely suffer because it is not easy to try and focus when you feel uncomfortable! That is exactly why yoga cushions are used. Yoga cushions offer a comfortable sitting arrangement that will allow you to stay in one position for long periods of time.

Yoga cushion for a straight spine

Only a straight spine will offer the best possible basis for meditation - yogis have always agreed on that fact. That was the tradition and that is how it is still taught today. The energy channels - which are running along the spine according to yogic teaching - should not be bent or twisted. When seated on a yoga cushion, the straightening of the spine comes naturally. The YOGISHOP yoga cushions can even be adjusted in terms of their fill height, which means that everyone can create the perfect seat height for his or her meditation.

Yoga cushions with spelt husk filling in a variety of shapes and models

YOGISHOP offers a variety of yoga cushions in many models. Half-moon shaped, triangular or circular - with a cotton cover or luxurious silk with appliqués - there is a yoga cushion for every taste and preference right here at YOGISHOP. Hard-wearing fabrics or finest thread, vibrant or muted colours - choose the yoga cushion that is right for you! Our yoga cushions are generally filled with spelt husks, some models offer the filling in organic quality as well.

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