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Yoga sandals men - navy blue 44

Product number: 120115

High-quality processed rubber sandals in a trendy ethnic look with a masculine touch.

These sandals are cruelty free: The sole is made of natural rubber and is covered with imitation leather. With their beautiful pattern on the precious brocade toe separators, these yoga sandals are the right Sandals are the right companion for carefree sunny days: a little bit Hippie, a little hip and simply full of lightness.

High-quality workmanship, equipped with a robust, extra-thick sole and designed in a masculine look, the sandals immediately whet your appetite for summer, freedom and adventure. The men's sandals combine a modern summer style with a touch of vintage and are ideal for slipping in and out quickly (very practical not only for a visit to the yoga studio, but also when you're out and about in India again, because traditionally at every temple entrance it's: shoes off!).
Get the uncomplicated yoga sandals, which are nice to look at beautiful to look at and very sturdy at the same time.

Enjoy your freedom!

Entire description
Free time, Yoga
Textile material
3% Brocade Cotton, 6% EVA, 8% PVC, 83% Rubber
0.323 kg
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