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Yoga Mats - Basic
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Basic yoga mats are the optimal tools for the first experiences with yoga.
Yoga Mats - Individual
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Be yourself with our custom yoga mats!
Yoga Mats - Comfort
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Extra soft yoga mats for more comfort and an increased feel-good factor.
Yoga Mats - Popular Favourites
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Yoga mats to fall in love with. A selection of personal mats that are particularly popular with many yogis.
Yoga Mats - Premium
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Premium yoga mats offer the famous icing on the cake: they are, so to speak, the crème de la crème in the yoga mat range.
Yoga Mats - Virgin wool
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Yoga mats made of virgin wool are particularly insulating and soft.
Yoga Mats - Nature
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Natural yoga mats are made from 100% natural materials and simply give a good feeling.
Yoga Mats - Travel
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Travel yoga mats and yoga pads can be conveniently taken anywhere. Two innovative yoga tools.
Yoga Mats - Design
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Stylish yoga mats combine functionality and design: the best of both for your asana practice.
Yoga Mats - Studio
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Ideally suited for studios as it is machine washable. Here you will find the perfect mat for your yoga studio and your students.
Yoga Mats - Hot-Yoga
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You will find yoga mats especially for the sweaty style of hot yoga in this section.
Jade yoga mats
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JadeYoga has everything you want in a yoga mat.
Bio Yoga mat cleaner
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The organic yoga mat cleaner is the absolutely natural, uncomplicated and effective cleaning agent for your yoga mat.
Yoga Rugs
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Back to the roots: the yoga rug convinces with its originality

Bestselling yoga mats

The yoga mat is the heart of your yoga practice

The essential, the foundation, your everything, so to speak!Yoga mats are the linchpin of your physical practice, because a non-slip mat as a solid foundation is of great value for practising the asanas. Yoga mats accompany you through all your yoga sessions and should give you a lot of pleasure. 

Whether yoga mat Basic, Pro or Sun - here you will find yoga mats in a huge selection and are guaranteed to get a yoga mat for your personal needs.

It makes sense to use a mat that is exactly right for your way of practising and your individual needs. The YOGISHOP offers an extensive range of high quality yoga mats to help you find the best option for you. 

How to find your perfect yoga mat

YOGISHOP's wide range of products only includes yoga mats that have proven themselves in practice and have been produced with a lot of care and know-how. Every yoga mat from YOGISHOP is therefore fundamentally recommendable. Depending on the favoured yoga style, personal material preferences and sometimes also depending on certain physical conditions (size, sweating behaviour etc.) however, the same model is not the personal mat no.1 for every yogi or yogini

You can find out which of the different mats is best for you with the help of our product descriptions, in which we give you detailed information on each individual mat type. You'll find lots of helpful tips on whether a model has the potential to become your absolute favourite yoga mat. In addition, our competent customer service team will be happy to advise you on the most suitable yoga mat for you. Let's find out together which one will accompany you! 

Checklist for finding your perfect yoga mat:

These are the materials we offer for our yoga mats

For a yoga mat, different materials come into consideration. Different material properties are suitable for different demands on a mat. YOGISHOP always keeps up with the discoveries and innovations of the manufacturers and combines a very wide range of diversity in its assortment. If you are looking for particularly environmentally friendly models, you will of course find them here, as well as especially non-slip, even ultra-slip mats. Let yourself be surprised by materials such as:

  • Natural rubber
  • artificial rubber
  • TPE foam
  • Cork
  • Jute
  • New wool
  • Rubber "Z.Natur" 

and many more!

The advantages of yoga mats at a glance:

  1. The yoga mat gives you a slip-proof surface.
  2. A yoga mat provides additional cushioning and protection from the cold of the floor.
  3. You have your hygienic pad with you wherever you go.

The yoga mat - the ultimate equipment

It all starts with the yoga mat. In the YOGISHOP you will find mats for newcomers as well as yoga mats for advanced practitioners who practice intensively. When you unroll your yoga mat, you know: Here we go! This beautiful and special feeling of unrolling the mat is something that most yogis and yoginis still experience after many years of practising yoga

In addition to a variety of different materials - ecological and ultra-slip-resistant, extraordinary and abrasion-resistant, suitable for allergy sufferers and especially hygienic - you will also find numerous colours and designs in the YOGISHOP. YOGISHOP offers a large selection of visually special mats. Unusual colour gradients, yogic symbols and playful designs adorn the stylish mats and are always a visual attraction. So wherever you are, your mat is something special. The stylish mats with their distinctive design are of course also characterised by slip resistance and top quality. The combination of a great variety of materials as well as a creative selection of looks results in a yoga mat range that really offers you everything your yogi heart desires when it comes to yoga mats

The non-slip mat has become a widely recognised symbol of yoga. Whenever yoga is depicted in film and TV, it can be seen. Celebrities worldwide carry it with them and are constantly photographed with their mat. The mat is thus virtually omnipresent as a symbol of asana practice.

And indeed, the non-slip mat is a kind of must-have. Moreover, it is, so to speak, the place where a lot moves - you learn and master asanas that you might never have thought attainable at the beginning of your yoga path, you feel deeply into yourself, come closer to yourself, discover new perspectives, you sweat and you relax, you follow the flow of your breath and find inner peace.

Comfort for your asana practice: why a good yoga mat matters

When practising asana, you want to fully immerse yourself in a pleasant experience that can be relaxing and sometimes challenging. What you don't want are disturbances and distractions. Therefore, your yoga mat should adhere well to the floor and provide you with reliable slip resistance. If there is a lot of sweat, it should soak it up and still maintain its slip resistance. In order for you to feel comfortable on your yoga mat, it should also be skin-friendly. Furthermore, your mat should protect you from cold floors so that you do not get cold feet during your practice and do not cool down during the final relaxation or meditation. In addition, the mat should have a light cushioning effect to promote joint-friendly practice, but it should also not be so thick that you have the feeling of "sinking in" and losing your balance. This shows that you should not just use "any" mat. A yoga mat that is practical and suitable for your needs is a clear enrichment for your asana practice. 

Your yoga mat from YOGISHOP is high quality 

No matter which of the many different models you choose - at YOGISHOP you get quality. We source our yoga mats from one of the most renowned manufacturers on the market. The YOGISTAR label, whose mats you can order here in the YOGISHOP, has many years of experience and a lot of expert knowledge. With a lot of innovative power, our supplier is constantly developing new models and is always up to date when it comes to criteria such as environmental friendliness and sustainability. The yoga mats available from us are used in a large number of yoga studios throughout Germany and internationally, are well-known from the press and are chosen as equipment for numerous large yoga events. In addition, our yoga mats are recommended by many renowned yoga teachers. 

In addition to the desirable properties for practice, such as high slip resistance, good padding and insulation etc., an important criterion for quality is of course also the durability of the mats. Here, too, our products meet the highest requirements - they are resilient and made in such a way that you can enjoy them for a long time

Your very own yoga mat with the design of your choice!

Did you know that we also offer individually printed mats? Your brand, the logo of your yoga studio or your company or another print 

Your choice - just submit your artwork and we'll make your custom design possible: with sharp and durable prints, we'll make your mat unique. Our customers are thrilled with the quality of the high quality print! It can be small prints or large prints - so there are no limits to your creativity!

Yoga schools, studios and seminar centres, hotels as well as wellness and retreat centres, but also organisers of events in the yoga sector and beyond, e.g. companies that offer business yoga for their employees, have mats printed by us just as yoginis and yoginis who want their very special one-off piece. 

Of course we can also have the mats printed in large quantities! For smaller quantities and designs, we also offer fine embroidery in addition to prints. You can find out more about this in the menu under the tab "Customised yoga mats".

Have fun with your yoga mat 

We hope that browsing our pages will inspire you and that you will find your favourite yoga mat. Your perfect yoga mat is waiting for you!

By the way: your yoga mat is waiting for you!

By the way, it's worth checking back every now and then, as we often add new and interesting mat types to our range. So there's always plenty of new things to discover!


What benefits does a yoga mat offer me?

A yoga mat provides you with a non-slip, clean surface, "buffers" or cushions and insulates. It has therefore long been indispensable in asana practice. Especially in winter, the mat also protects you from the cold and ensures that you can practise your yoga exercises softly and warmly.

Can I practice without a yoga mat?

Theoretically, you can practise without a yoga mat, but using one has absolutely proven its worth and has therefore become the universal standard in virtually all studios as well as when practising at home. While other equipment such as the various popular yoga tools are very useful, but still rather optional, a yoga mat is the common denominator, so to speak, no matter what style you practise.

What material are the YOGISHOP yoga mats made of?

At YOGISHOP you will find yoga mats made of a wide variety of materials such as natural rubber, artificial rubber, TPE foam, cork, jute, virgin wool, rubber "Z.Natur" and many more. We offer non-slip and ultra-slip mats, and with many different designs, we make sure you always find a mat that suits you and your style

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