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Our hot yoga mats are not only ultra-thin not only ultra-thin, so that they give you a feeling of ground contact, but they also develop an enormous slip resistance, especially when Slip resistance.

Your Hot-Yoga yoga mat is specially adapted to your yoga style

While for all other yoga styles, more or less across styles, the different yoga styles, the various standard models are equally suitable and it is personal preferences which of the different versions becomes the special favourite, there are Which of the different variants is the particular favourite, there are very special Criteria that a yoga mat should fulfil. That is why we have developed Yoga mats in our product range that are specifically adapted to this that meet these special requirements. While other yoga mats tend to lose Moisture tends to make them less slip-proof, a Hot Yoga yoga mat must be must be slip-proof even when exposed to high levels of moisture because, as we all know, hot yoga usually involves a lot of sweat. Our Yoga mats not only do not lose a single percent of their non-slip properties when they of their non-slip properties, but due to their microfibre material they are even that they gain more and more grip the wetter they get they get. The hot yoga mats from the YOGISHOP range also provide not only offer a super-slip surface even during heavy sweating, but also lie securely on the floor and do not slip. Since they are thin thin and very light, you don't have to "zap" your feet after class when a lot of sweat has been absorbed Sweat has been absorbed, you don't have to pull a "heavy" mat off the floor but still have a lightweight mat in your hand. Since you can buy our Yoga mats in the washing machine, hygiene is not a problem either hygiene is no problem. The basic model of the hot yoga mat is available in the colours green and Blue (each with a grey underside).

Our classic hot yoga yoga mat

The yogimat hot yoga is the basic model of our hot yoga mat (in addition, various design variants are available) different design variants are available, see below). It gets its special properties and advantages mainly due to the microfibre The microfibre material of the upper side, which makes this mat so non-slip, absorbent and hygienic hygienic (it can be washed if necessary) and which also has a pleasantly light weight, so that it can be weight, so that the mat is very easy to transport (you can find suitable bags in the (you can find suitable bags in our range). This model was specially designed for hot yoga and has ideal properties for this yoga For this yoga style. The underside is also made of advantageous PVC: This material is durable and resilient and ensures good adhesion to the floor To the floor. It is free of phthalates, free of DOP and free of AZO. For Hot Yogis thin yoga mats are particularly popular with hot yogis. This preference is also met by this hot yoga Yoga mat also meets this preference. Due to its thinness, this mat is easy to "handle" in the washing In the washing machine, even though at 183 cm it is a great length length. The yogimat hot yoga mat does not contain any rubber and is therefore also suitable for latex allergy sufferers. Due to its excellent quality and its and its excellent suitability for hot yoga, we also recommend this model to studio Studio owners who have hot yoga in their programme.

The "wild" hot yoga yoga mat

The yogimat hot yoga wild comes with three unusual prints that are truly are undoubted eye-catchers. Whether snake pattern, leo or anaconda print, all three all three variations are truly beautiful. It makes you feel like you're in the to the Amazon or the jungle, and not just because of the high temperatures. The look of this mat is simply unique - there's no getting around it!

This Hot Yoga yoga mat has all the Features of the basic model described above.

The exceptional hot yoga yoga mat

The yoga mat yogimat image is perhaps the most poetic and visually and visually intriguing yoga mat in our range, but of course it also has the special look, but of course it also has great practical features to offer: The Yogimat image is extremely slippery, especially when exposed to moisture - i.e. when you moisture - i.e. when you sweat a lot - and is therefore ideal for physically for physically demanding yoga styles and for yogis who generally perspire a lot perspire a lot. The yogimat image yogamat gets its special properties and advantages properties and advantages mainly from the microfibre material on the top side, which makes this mat Mat so non-slip and especially absorbent. The underside is made of equally advantageous rubber: this material is also known for its non-slip this material is also known for its slip resistance and lies securely on the floor. In addition it is a natural material.
This hot yoga mat surprises with full-surface photo prints, namely currently with four different motifs. Put yourself in the holiday mood Holiday mood, remember the magic of nature, immerse yourself in the Into the world of images! The yogimat image takes you on a journey to dreamy places and places of and places of power. The three impressive photo motifs make this mat unique and a real eye-catcher unique and a real eye-catcher, wherever you take it with you

The feather-light Hot Yoga Yoga mat

The yogimat light also has a surface made from Microfibre surface, which feels extremely comfortable on the skin and which, especially when offers a high degree of slip resistance, especially when exposed to moisture. For the The non-slip underside, i.e. the good grip of this hot yoga mat, is also ensured Yoga mat, is also ensured. In addition to its almost cotton-like skin feel, which is particularly appreciated by many practitioners, the light weight of this weight of this hot yoga mat is also a great advantage, because it can be transported mat can be transported without any problems - whether to a yoga studio, a yoga festival Yoga festival, retreat, yoga session with friends, etc. If you are often on the yoga mat will not want to miss this advantage! Conclusion: The yogimat light offers several great features at once. In Yogimat light is slightly thicker than the other hot yoga mats thicker.

Is a hot yoga mat only suitable for hot yoga?

A hot yoga yoga mat is distinguished from other models first and foremost First and foremost by the fact that it is specially designed for a strong moisture weeping effect by sweating during the asana practice -- in other words: it even gains grip moisture absorption, instead of becoming less slip-proof non-slip. This can also be helpful in other yoga styles where there is a lot of where there is a lot of sweating. In addition to the physical exertion, the deliberately high The deliberately high temperature of the room as a sweat-inducing factor however, in other intensive and physically demanding forms of yoga practice, too, the Forms of yoga practice often involve a lot of sweating. Here, too, a hot yoga Yoga mat can be very helpful. Furthermore, a hot yoga mat is the right choice for all Yoga mat is the right choice for all those who are looking for a very thin yoga mat and/or who particularly and pleasant microfibre material.

We wish you lots of fun with your hot yoga mat!


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