Yoga mat yogimat® sun - 4mm plum 185cm x 65cm x 4mm

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An ideal mat for those who want natural materials and require non-slip characteristics.

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Let's greet the sun! The yogimat is ideal for those who want natural materials and require non-slip characteristics in their mat - and not just for sun salutations! Trust your yoga training to yogimat 'sun' - a new product made from Z.Natur natural rubber, a revolutionary natural product with a new formula free from allergens, chemicals, and toxins.

Due to the open cell structure, signs of use (e.g. wear or discolouration of the product from profuse sweating) may appear over time depending on frequency of use.These signs of use will, however, in no way inhibit the functionality of the product and will underline its natural character.

- Certified in accordance with Class 1 OEKO-TEX® 100, the highest standard
(harmless for skin contact in accordance with the standard for baby products)
- Free from chemicals, allergens, and toxins

Dimensions: 200 cm x 65 cm x 4 mm
Weight:approx. 2.1 kg

Entire description

Suitable for allergic
Slip resistance
For studios
Natural rubber
Machine 30°
100% Natural Rubber
Suitable bag
yogibag basic zip cotton big, yogibag basic zip cotton big plus
Natural rubber, OEKO-TEX, Vegan
2.1 kg
200 cm
65 cm
0.4 cm
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Ingeborg writes:
super non-slip yoga mat. The yellow is a beautiful bright yellow. I am very satisfied and can recommend this mat. The inherent smell is not unpleasant and disappears quickly.
Anke writes:
Super mat!
It is very non-slip, even when it gets warm. The material attracts a little dirt, but this is probably due to the non-slip material. Now, after a few years, there is a grey haze on the dark mat, but it is not so noticeable and it is still non-slip. I would buy it again, but the mat lasts, lasts, lasts.... .
Aygül writes:
My mat: 4 mm and the colour "plum". Super yoga mat, great slip resistance. The mat has a strong smell, but I put it on the balcony to air it out. It gets better from day to day.
The mat attracts dust and lint, so you have to clean it after every use, even if you don't sweat that much.
Miriam writes:
The best yoga mat I've ever had. As I have very sweaty hands, I never had enough grip until now. It's different with this mat, I have a super good grip on this mat and I recommend it
Marco writes:
Aloha, that was a good tip :)
For all those who sweat a lot, on this mat you hardly slip at all.
Tanja writes:
The mat was delivered quickly.
So far I have only tested it at home in the living room, but it makes a really good impression. Almost nothing slips.
It just seems to be a little sensitive to dirt. My husband walked right over it with his slippers and you could see the marks very clearly.
Angelina writes:
The best mat I have ever seen!!! I am chubby. A mat has to be slip-proof because I sweat quickly and therefore slip with my hands. And this mat is a dream - nothing slips at all. A big contrast to many other mats. It's a bit thin, so if you have hard floors or sensitive joints, put something under the mat.
Rossana writes:
Super mat, good cushionin, very stable, not too sticky, kind on the skin. It takes a short time to let the natural gum smell go (for those who mind about that) and it tends to get a bit dirty with skin cells when you start to use it, but all of this is quickly overcome. A high quality mat, to be recommended.
Christine writes:
For me, this is THE perfect non-slip mat. I tested other mats that were unfortunately not as non-slip. Now I have the Sun in 4 mm, 6 mm and as Travel :-)
I would recommend it at any time and buy it again.
Unfortunately, the Sun is only available in the standard width. As XXL I would even buy them again in 4 mm and probably also as "Travel" !!!!
Tadas writes:
Superb Mat. Best grip i ever experienced.
Eva-Maria writes:
Great yoga mat, I finally found the right one!
When I do yoga, my hands get sweaty and I always slipped on my old mat. It was very annoying.
With the Yoga sun it's great, you have a really good grip.
Ellen writes:
I am very satisfied, great slip resistance! I find the smell normal, it just smells like a new mat.....
The only disadvantage: not only do you have a great grip, but also dust and fluff...
Carolin writes:
Super non-slip mat! I hung it in the fresh air for 2 days after receiving it and the smell was gone. I am very satisfied. The mat is also nice and firm, so it gives good support for balance positions.
Jana writes:
I have been looking for a yoga mat that doesn't slip for years. I have the problem that I always get sweaty palms and feet when practising yoga, and the yoga mat sun 4mm helps me a lot. I am totally satisfied with the non-slip properties and the fact that it is a natural mat. Unfortunately, the rubber still smells very strong, but I think the smell will go away after a few weeks.
Emilia writes:
Great mat, very non-slip and stable. I am positively surprised.
Katharina writes:
Super nice mat! Has exactly the right length and is super non-slip. Very good price-performance ratio!
Should hang in the fresh air before use.
Martina writes:
The mat is great. It could be a little thicker for sensitive noses. And the smell takes some getting used to for sensitive noses. But all in all, it is super non-slip and I am very satisfied.
Nadine writes:
I agree with the positive reviews here! Slip resistance is great, the smell is contained and dissipates quickly (you have to be with the nose on the mat to find it annoying) and now after a few days, it is gone! The delivery was fast, as always! This is "only" my third mat, but so far the best ?
Nadine writes:
This mat is finally absolutely non-slip, yet has a very pleasant contact surface and rolls up quickly. So what some people here are extremely sensitive about the alleged I really have to laugh. One day behind the house in the fresh air and everything was fine.
Perfect mat. TOP!
Nadine writes:
The mat is super. Absolutely non-slip and very pleasant. So what some here complain about the smell, I find very strongly exaggerated...once had a day outside and the smell was gone. Nobody can be that sensitive ;-) Never had a better mat before. TOP!!!
Anja writes:
Great mat, super non-slip. I immediately ordered the travel mat as well. The smell is a bit unpleasant, but I think that will pass
Anne writes:
super non-slip, I also find the colour very nice, but the dust and dirt also sticks quite well and the smell is really very unpleasant - I don't know yet if it will go away completely, it's still there after a good week!!!! Smells somehow like rubber tyres.
Hermann writes:
The mat is the best I've had so far. It is pleasantly thin and very non-slip, just right for Ashtanga yoga.
Antje writes:
Finally a mat that really deserves to be called "non-slip". The smell when I unpacked it disappeared after a week of airing.
Dagmar writes:
I am thrilled with the mat, super non-slip, the asanas can be performed perfectly, the quality is top and also the smell after unpacking was gone within 2 days.
Sylvie writes:
Great mat, super non-slip. I like it better than most of the mats in the yoga schools.
However, when I unpacked it, it had a very strong smell. After a little airing, the smell is hardly present and no longer bothers me.
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