Yoga mat yogimat® sun - 6mm petrol navy

Product number: 116284

An ideal mat for those who want natural materials and require non-slip characteristics.

What is so special about the yogimat sun yoga mat?

  • The yogimat sun consists of an innovative natural rubber Natural rubber material that is super-slip-resistant and absolutely ecological. Even even in the most demanding yoga styles, this natural yoga mat will delight you with its excellent slip resistance.
  • In addition to the unique material, the generous dimensions are also an advantage of this model: this mat is extra-long, extra-wide and extra-thick, extra-wide and extra-thick - which means you simply get more for your money!
  • The colours of the yogimat sun are particularly brightly and are simply a joy.

Of course, the yogimat sun yoga mat is certified and ecologically sustainable

  • certified according to OEKO-TEX® 100, class 1, the highest standard (harmlessness to skin contact according to the Baby Products Standard) - 2012OK0503 AITEX
  • free from chemicals, allergens and Harmful substances

Learn about the yogimat sun yoga mat in detail

yogimat sun is an optimised version of the natural rubber mats Natural rubber mats. It is made of a special natural rubber, which does not produce any unwanted by-products unwanted by-products are produced. This special natural rubber is probably the most innovative and and most advanced variant of natural rubber, an absolutely ecological and pollutant-free material! This means that the yogimat sun yoga mat meets even the highest highest standards of harmlessness. By the way, it is also excellent for allergy sufferers! for allergy sufferers!

The Material of the yogimat sun is characterised by the highest level of Slip resistance and is therefore not only excellent from an environmental excellent, but also a particularly good choice for practice. The yogimat sun is non-slip enough for even the most demanding yoga styles - even at the end of the class, of course even at the end of the class, when a lot of sweat has flowed. The yogimat sun yogimat is recommended for yogis who have a very advanced practice or who are yogis who have or are aiming for a very advanced practice, and of course to all those who that there was still room for improvement in terms of slip resistance. No matter whether in static asanas or in Vinyasa styles with dynamic flows, the Yogimat sun has proven itself everywhere. Test for yourself how reliable this mat is, and you will definitely be thrilled.

The generous dimensions of the yogimat sun are also a literally huge Dimensions of the yogimat sun: Here you get more length, width and Thickness! A whole 200cm x 65cm x 6mm... these are dimensions to be proud of. In spite of its comfortable size, the yogimat sun is very comfortable thanks to the special composition of different rubber materials Of different rubber and latex layers, the yogimat sun is relatively light another plus point.

The yogimat sun is also suitable for yoga studios. Especially for those, who want to stand out in terms of quality and provide practitioners with a special Yoga experience. Because: a good stand is essential for the enjoyment of the practice. And the yogimat sun with its open cell structure open cell structure is almost unsurpassed. Depending on the strain and intensity of the And intensity of the exercises - traces of natural wear and tear may appear but this does not affect the practice. Rather, it is a rather a quality feature. Because: Where there is no wear, there is no grip Grip.
Because the yogimat sun yoga mat is made of natural material, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight Exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. We therefore recommend storing it in a yoga mat bag!

In fAQs we have compiled some tips on cleaning. Also in hygiene, the yogimat sun also offers great practical advantages. The yogimat sun is a wonderful yoga mat for all those who want a special yoga mat and have high Yoga mat and have very high expectations of their mat.

With its rich, bright colours and large dimensions, the yogimat sun impresses with its beautiful appearance and maximum comfort. Although the yogimat sun is Relatively new in the range compared to many other models, it is already one of the most it is already one of the most popular mats and has met with an immensely positive response positive response. Our customers love the yogimat sun and give us feedback again and again feedback that underlines the uniqueness of this yoga mat. The yogimat sun is a yoga mat that is immediately recognisable for its high quality. You can also feel the quality in every asana. Head for the sun with the yogimat sun!

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis? and yogis so popular?

  • YOGISTAR stands out as a specialist for yoga equipment Yoga equipment through competence and many years of experience.
  • Ecological aspects play just as important a role in Play just as important a role in production as functionality and Practicality. In addition to innovative materials, stylish designs are also are also a trademark of YOGISTAR.
  • YOGISTAR always develops its products close to the the scene and takes into account the special requirements of different yoga styles.

FAQs: the most frequently asked Questions about your new yogimat sun

  • Can I use wash the yogimat sun? If so, how?
    We recommend washing the mat by hand with cold or warm water at a maximum of 30 degrees with a mild detergent. Then wrap the mat in wrap the mat in a thick terry towel and squeeze out the water. Finally, hang the Finally, hang up the mat to dry.
Entire description

petrol navy
100% Natural Rubber
Suitable for allergic
Hand wash
Natural rubber
Suitable bag
yogibag basic zip cotton big, yogibag basic zip cotton big plus
Slip resistance
For studios
Natural rubber, OEKO-TEX, Vegan
2.65 kg
200 cm
65 cm
0.6 cm
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Reviews for Yoga mat yogimat® sun - 6mm petrol navy
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Nina writes:
I have loved the Yogistar Sun 6 mm for 2.5 years now! It smells like rubber for a while, but bearable and that's the way it is with natural rubber. I did a long research for yoga mats and tried many and the Sun 6MM has super slip resistance. I also have the 4mm, just as good, but have to admit that I personally find the 6mm more comfortable for my daily yoga/Pilates practice, of course. It's just a bit lighter, which is why I take the 4mm on weekend trips. Excellent slip resistance, great dimensions. Now I'm ordering the travel and soon a second 6 mm for the 2nd residence as I commute for work. No, I don't know anyone at Yogistar, I'm just a huge fan of this yoga mat! :-) Namaste!
Katharina writes:
Super mat and great service thanks to very good communication!
I already have the yogimat sun in 4mm in purple and have been using it almost daily for 5 years. Now I have the 6mm version in yellow for a hard wooden floor. Both super nice colours! The length is just great and I like the material. The smell goes away really quickly. Absolutely recommendable!
Ida writes:
Great mat, I am thrilled. Also fast delivery. Thank you.
Mathias writes:
I have been looking for a perfect yoga mat for a very long time. My requirements were: longer than 2m, absolutely non-slip, natural rubber and affordable. I compared pretty much all the mats on offer and read reviews. This is where I found it. I have been using it for a few months now and I can say that I am completely satisfied. The mat meets all the requirements.
It hardly smells noticeable. I ordered a grey mat because of the sticky lint and have hardly any problems with it. Once a week I wipe it with a damp cloth, but I can't say that it is really dirty despite daily use. The only disadvantage in my opinion is that it is very cold when you lie on it. But that is in the "nature of things".
5 stars full recommendation
Christine writes:
In our search for a non-slip yoga mat, we chose this one and also the ultra. Both are super non-slip, we can't tell the difference. The sun smells very slightly of natural rubber (similar to rubber tyres), but really only very slightly when your face is on the floor. The sun has beautiful colours and I personally like the surface better than the Ultra (but that's a matter of taste). 4 stars because the mat looks dirty after every use, you can see everything on it and who wants to clean the mat after every use? Otherwise, we are very satisfied.
Susanne writes:
Beautiful colour and non-slip.
Smells strong, it got better after a long airing, but it is very heavy.
Mila writes:
The mat is very non-slip, the material is of good quality, the smell goes away very quickly, but...
I ordered the mat in the colour petrol navy because I thought this rather muted colour would not be so sensitive. Unfortunately, this calculation did not work out. The mat was already stained after the first use. Even the mat cleaner sample sent to me by the customer service couldn't really change anything. Due to the material, any kind of fuzz really sticks to the mat, which is not visually appealing.
In retrospect, the colour was definitely the wrong decision. Otherwise, the mat is really good.
Natalia writes:
Anyone who does yoga will love this mat! I am very satisfied with this mat. It is absolutely non-slip, has a very good quality and is definitely worth its price.
Birgit writes:
Very non-slip mat with a pleasant thickness. These points, as well as the size, therefore excuse the weight. You can actually see every little thing on the mat, but with a damp cloth the traces are quickly removed. Personally, the slight smell doesn't bother me at first. It is fun to practice yoga on this mat!
Christoph writes:
As a beginner, I am very happy with this mat as it really helps with the asanas due to its slip resistance. Also, the thickness of 6mm is really comfortable for the joints, feet and hands.
On the other hand, the mat attracts dust and dirt like light attracts insects. This is a little annoying for the appearance, but does not change the function much. It also still smells. Presumably this will disappear with time.
Another aspect is the weight of the mat and its bulkiness. Both are due to the special material and the mat's length of 2m. A particularly practical bag is available in the shop.
Katharina writes:
I have been looking for a good mat for ages, now I have found the perfect one. I sweat a lot - and I mean a lot - and despite the yoga towel I was always slipping, constantly thinking about my slippery hands and the fear of falling instead of being able to concentrate on the essentials.
That is now a thing of the past. I don't slip a millimetre on this mat, no matter how much I sweat! The 6mm version is also super cushioning, my knees and wrists thank me!
I yoga for at least 1 hour a day and so far I haven't noticed any signs of wear.
Even the well-known "brand" rubber yoga mats can't compete with this mat! (And they cost far more)
Looking for a non-slip mat? Buy this one!
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