Yoga mat yogimat® travel

Innovative and ultra-thin yoga mat, ideal for travelling.

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The yogimat® 'Travel' is an innovative ultra-thin yoga mat made of natural rubber, which can be rolled up to a surprisingly small size and thus is a perfect 'travelling companion. Naturally, it can also be carried along comfortably when you go to your local yoga studio.
Other advantages of yogimat® 'Travel': It provides excellent skid resistance, insulates against cold grounds and is easy to clean.

No AZO (solvent), no DOP (benzenes in the plasticiser) and free of phthalates.

Dimensions: 61 cm x 182 cm x 1.5 mm
Weight:approx. 1.1 kg
Material: Natural caoutchouc

Natural rubber smell
For studios
Suitable bag
Yogibag Basic in cotton and nylon; Citybag
Suitable for allergic
Slip resistance
100% Natural Rubber
Natural rubber
1.4 kg
182 cm
61 cm
0.15 cm
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Linda writes:
I ordered the mat half a year ago for my semester abroad. It was the best thing I had with me. Because the mat is super thin, lies firmly on the floor and above all is mega non-slip, it was/is perfect for my morning workouts, Ashtanga sessions or yinyoga classes. I would really recommend it to anyone who is travelling and looking for a thin, light, but still stable and non-slip mat!
Marie writes:
Super mat for travelling - great colour the Bordeaux - really crazy non-slip! - The smell is a bit stronger at first, but I never found it too bad. - Never leave it outside in the rain, it stains. - I would recommend it as a travel mat at any time!
Lorena writes:
Great mat and exactly what I was looking for! Very thin, easy to store in luggage and wonderfully non-slip.
Christian writes:
i needed a mat for my holiday, to lay on the floor in the hotel room or on the mats in the studio. After reading the advertisement in the newsletter, reading the comments in the reviews and a little hesitation, I ordered the Travel yoga mat made of rubber. I think it turned out perfectly, non-slip, thin, lays flat on the floor and doesn't roll up. The smell is not particularly noticeable, especially since I already have a thick rubber mat that smelled much stronger in the beginning. In the meantime, I even like the smell, at least better than PVC or light mats made of PE foam.
All in all, I think it is just right and well done for the purpose for which it is apparently intended. Biggest drawback: my colour is currently not available. I unfortunately had to take dark red.
Kerstin writes:
I had tested the Travel Mat in olive in the studio and was thrilled, as I used to slip a lot on other mats, but not at all on this one.
Since I liked the look of the black mat much better, I ordered this one.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I slip on the black one just as much as on other mats. It has a much different structure/surface than the plain mats and much less grip. Too bad.

Conclusion: If you buy the mat because of the promised grip, you should not buy the black one.
Sabrina writes:
Pros and cons:

-needs a very long time to air out
-should be careful with it when airing, I aired it out on the balcony and suddenly had a small hole in the mat from wherever
Vera writes:
I am thrilled with the mat and the service.
I stand very firmly on it, whether with socks or barefoot. The hands also rest well on it.
It feels good, also gives a good homely feeling of security during meditations.
The mat can be folded and put into a larger shoulder bag.
It's really great.
The smell is a bit annoying when you lie with your face on the mat, but it is supposed to weaken with time. And it's not too bad.
A thoroughly recommendable mat! And the advice and communication were just great!
I am very satisfied! Thank you!
Victoria writes:
I've had the mat for a while now and had read the reviews beforehand. Since some were like this and like that I thought ok I'll try it myself!
Unfortunately, it is not as slip-proof as promised and when I start to sweat a bit on my hands and feet, I slip away, for example in Mountain/Dog Looking Down....
I wanted to "clean" them properly and then see if that helps
Ivonne writes:
With this mat (I have the purple version) everything fits! It is absolutely non-slip, can be rolled but also folded. It's light as a feather and just great.
I practice dynamic yoga myself and keep a great grip on it.

An all-round successful product!

Ulrike writes:
I ordered the travel mat in black (wooden effect), it looks nice and the delivery went smoothly. Unfortunately, the mat is not non-slip.
Lena writes:
Unfortunately, the mat is not non-slip. If you do dynamic yoga and not just meditation, you should look for another mat.
As soon as hands or feet sweat a little, I slip very badly in the dog looking down! This is not the case with other mats.
Heidi writes:
The mat is very thin and light, and it seems to be very slip-resistant (I have not yet tested it under difficult conditions). In the beginning, you have to let it air out well.
Alicia writes:
I am very happy with the mat and the fast delivery. The colour is great!
Alicia writes:
Super great mat, fast delivery!!!
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