The best of the best: If you are looking for an absolute Premium yoga mat, you've come to the right place.

Your premium yoga mat has extra grip

All yoga mats that we have compiled under the category of "Premium yoga mats" are characterised by a particularly high degree of slip particularly high degree of slip resistance. Even though the various models included in the premium yoga mats are made of different materials, they all have one thing in common materials, they all have one thing in common: the great grip, which remains intact even when Even when exposed to moisture due to heavy perspiration.

Your premium yoga mat is environmentally friendly

Another common feature of the premium yoga mats is that they are high environmental friendliness, as many of the premium yoga mats are made of natural rubber. Only the yogimat stira is made of PVC and the yogimat ultra grip pro features a material mix of PU and natural and synthetic rubber. But of course our PVC mats are free from AZO (solvents), free from DOP (benzenes in the Plasticiser) and also free from phthalates and heavy metals.

Your premium yoga mat offers top quality

One thing in advance: ALL yoga mats from the YOGISHOP are Quality yoga mats that are developed and produced according to strict produced according to strict quality criteria. In a certain respect, therefore, all the models, we offer can be called premium yoga mats, because we source our yoga mats exclusively we source our yoga mats exclusively from renowned manufacturers, who top performance in all of their mats and also deliver good products in the cheaper Products in the lower-priced segment. Compared to the other mats, the premium yoga mats mats, however, offer a few more extras. What exactly these "cherries on the (soy) cream" is already clear in the following information on the different Premium yoga mats, but of course you can find out more about them in the product Product descriptions of the individual models. The premium yoga mats are are all very popular and have received the best customer feedback customer feedback. Even internationally, the premium yoga mats have a reputation. The Premium yoga mats are used with particular pride by studios at home and abroad and are and are used at major conferences and other yoga events by many intensive intensive practising yogis and yoginis.

Learn about our premium yoga mats: Here you can learn details about the various mats, which we have classified in the premium yoga mat We have included in the Premium Yoga Mats category:

The absolute premium yoga mat by YOGISTAR: the yogimat sun

The yogimat sun is a top-quality yoga mat of the latest generation Generation and therefore a real premium yoga mat. This absolutely yoga mat made from a special rubber-latex mixture offers comfortable comfortable dimensions and beautiful, bright colours that immediately catch the eye immediately. The yogimat sun is one of the bestsellers in our range of mats and convinces in every aspect with its above-average performance. At yogamat will give you pleasure for a long time - it is a worthwhile investment that meets the highest highest demands. With this premium yoga mat, the YOGISTAR has succeeded in further optimising its already high-quality and proven mats and proven mats.

The premium yoga mat by Jade: Harmony Professional Mat / Harmony Professional Mat XXL

An extremely popular premium yoga mat is also the well-known Harmony Professional Mat by the manufacturer Jade. Super non-slip and with excellent cushioning properties, the "Rubber Mats" from this Are a great international success. The Harmony Professional Mat, which - as the name suggests - also meets the demands of advanced yogis and yoginis Yogis and yoginis, is also available in XXL sizes for extra comfort XXL dimensions.

More Premium yoga mats

The yogimat stira deluxe and the yogimat stira light

The particularly durable yogimat stira has always stood out for its high slip resistance stira has always been characterised by its high slip resistance. Now it has been optimised once again: As yogimat stira deluxe, it provides even more slip resistance in the asanas and therefore offers even greater comfort. The yogimat stira deluxe is clearly one of the most popular because of its high slip resistance and excellent durability Premium mats, but not least because of its strong cushioning effect. The improved yogimat stira is also available as a light version. All, who often travel with the yogimat stira can save weight with this version Weight.

The yogimat ultra

The premium yogamat Yogimat Ultra is a mat of superlatives because it is so exceptionally non-slip is. With this model, the manufacturer once again demonstrates its knack for innovative materials and presents a synthetic rubber alternative, that has all the positive properties of the natural material. Extra benefit: This premium yoga mat is ultra-long! The Yogimat Ultra yoga mat has a length of no less than 195 centimetres! 195 centimetres! This is only matched by the XXL mat and the Kingsize natural mat and is a truly remarkable measurement. The Yogimat Ultra yoga mat is available in three beautiful colours and is also and is also recommended for yoga studios. Although it is not machine washable, but it is a hygienic material that can be easily cleaned

The yogimat surya

Let the sunshine in! The Yogimat Surya is a new yoga mat that surpasses all superlatives in terms of slip resistance In terms of slip resistance. When other models are extremely non-slip, this one is this yoga mat is super-ultra-extremely slip-proof! The Yogimat Surya shines in rich petrol and radiant orange. The material of the Yogimat Surya is made partly from innovative TPE foam and partly synthetic rubber. It is environmentally friendly and at the same time non-slip, hygienic and hypo-allergenic. TPE stands for tPE stands for "Thermoplastic Elastomers" - a material that is unparalleled unparalleled. It has been combined here with synthetic rubber, the second Material in the Yogimat Surya yoga mat. Like TPE, synthetic rubber has the advantage that it offers the extreme slip resistance of real rubber of real rubber, but is also unproblematic for latex allergy sufferers latex allergy sufferers. Speaking of extreme slip resistance: the Yogimat Surya yoga mat is extremely extremely slip-resistant on both sides. Thanks to its special combination of materials, which which has proven to be optimal in this compound, it offers an extremely reliable grip and provides stability in all asanas. Already at the first Touch this yoga mat, you will immediately notice its exceptional grip. The TPE underside also adheres well to the floor so that the mat does not slip during practice Does not slip during practice.

This should suffice as a first impression of our Premium yoga mats - which premium yoga mat is your favourite? For more information, in addition to the detailed product descriptions, our competent our competent service team will be happy to help you with further information

We wish you lots of fun and many great practical experiences with your premium yoga mat! your premium yoga mat!

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