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Travel enrich us with valuable experiences and broaden our horizons in many ways In many respects. If you never want to miss yoga on the road, the yoga mats in this category are certainly in this category are definitely the right ones for you: Find your travel yoga mat, that will accompany you on all your journeys.

Which criteria should a travel yoga mat fulfil? Travel yoga mat fulfil?

You might be wondering what a travel yoga mat should actually be. As we call "travel yoga mats" all those models in our range that are particularly easy to that are particularly easy to transport and therefore very practical when travelling very practical when travelling.

The following characteristics distinguish a travel yoga mat:

  • light weight, so that you don't have to carry much extra ballast when travelling have to
  • small size when rolled up or foldable
  • dirt-repellent material to stay hygienic after outdoor sessions

Our travel yoga mats meet one or more of these criteria and will accompany you at any time accompany you at all times through your adventures near and far on our blue Planet. For a taste of what's to come, click on the product descriptions for each mat By clicking on each mat, we present the different travel yoga mats in brief Different travel yoga mats. We divide them into particularly light And space-saving travel yoga mats, with some models falling into both categories models can be assigned to both categories:

Travelling light: Travel yoga mats with extra light weight

Lightness thanks to microfibre: the Yogimat light yoga mat

The yogamat yogimat light is a flyweight that packs a punch. Weighing 700 grams, this particularly light and uncomplicated mat can be taken anywhere with you wherever you go - whether it's to the yoga studio, the spa or on your travels. A particularly practical feature is the sewn-on Velcro strap that can be used to attach the rolled-up mat mat can be fastened. The special surface of the yogimat light yoga mat is made of microfibre, which is as dense as it is fine, and thus provides a pleasant pleasant cotton-like feeling and at the same time extremely slip-resistant. In addition, the mat retains its high absorption capacity even during sweaty exercise programmes even during strenuous exercise programmes. This makes it dynamic styles and for very demanding yoga styles such as Ashtanga Ashtanga. This almost feather-light yoga mat looks downright cosy and looks really cosy and is almost reminiscent of a carpet - but it can get quite on this model! This mat is a "light version" only in terms of in terms of weight, but not in terms of slip resistance

Feel as light as a sunbeam: the Sunbeam: the yogimat sun travel yoga mat

The yogimat sun travel is the thinner and therefore also lighter version of the yogimat sun, one of the absolute top yoga mats in our range Range.

Light version for professionals: the Yogimat pro light yoga mat

The yogimat pro made of TPE foam is one of the yoga mats for more demanding users the environmentally friendly, organically decomposable TPE foam is namely non-slip and, in contrast to rubber, is also suitable for people with Latex allergy sufferers. The regular yogimat pro yoga mat is not one of the lightest not one of the lightweight mats. Therefore, for all yogis and yoginis who love our yogimat pro so much, there is also the yogimat pro light as a travel yoga mat. This version offers all the advantages of the yogimat pro, but is reduced in weight due to a smaller thickness.

A star on every journey: the yoga mat Jade Yoga TravelMat and the yoga mat Jade Yoga Travelmat XL

The yoga mats from Jade are internationally renowned and are used at yoga events and retreats from New York to Bali and from Oslo to Munich. For years, the ecologically sound mats from the popular manufacturer have been among the crème de la crème Have been the crème de la crème of the yoga mat market for years. If you want to take your Jade Mat jade Mat with you when you travel, you should get the TravelMat either in the regular dimensions or, for a little more space, as the large large version Jade Yoga TravelMat XL. The travel yoga mat differs from from the well-known JadeYoga Harmony Professional Mat only in thickness and and consequently also in weight, with otherwise identical properties.

Fits in every suitcase: travel yoga mats, which are particularly easy to stow

An itty-bitty role: the yogamat yogimat travel

The yogimat travel yoga mat even owes its name to the special feature, that it fits perfectly into any suitcase or small travel bag because this mat can be rolled up into an amazingly small size small.

Ultra-thin travel yoga mat with panorama: the yogimat image yoga mat

The Yogimat Image travel yoga mat gets its special characteristics and And advantages are mainly due to the microfibre material of the top side, which makes this mat which makes this mat so non-slip and especially absorbent, and which is very thin - which is why, like the yogimat travel, this mat takes up very little space when rolled up takes up very little space. It should not be overlooked that this travel yoga mat is of course also yogamat is of course also a very special model in terms of appearance. The yogamat Yogimat Image is perhaps the most visually fascinating yoga mat in our range And will make you dream of the wonderful freshness of the ocean, the mystical magic of mystical magic of Mount Kailash or the renewing and life-giving energy of ancient Energy of ancient trees. With its full-surface panoramic print, this travel yoga mat Travel yoga mat is an eye-catcher par excellence

And a little tip in conclusion: The travel yoga mat that isn't a yoga mat at all...

If your suitcase is already hopelessly full, or if you simply want to go as low as possible in terms of Luggage and ballast, then we recommend the yogitowel the yogitowel. This towel, specially developed for yoga, is actually yoga mats, but you can also use the non-slip and sweat-absorbing towel as a and sweat-absorbing towel can also be used as a substitute for a mat. In addition perfect if you're travelling to a yoga event or taking part in a yoga holiday where the yoga holidays where the mats are provided but you still want your own hygienic mat your own hygienic pad. The yogitowel is also available as a Deluxe version with nubs

The world is waiting for you - on into adventure with your travel-loving yoga mat!

Discover the world and unroll your yoga mat in the most beautiful places! And if you end up in a dreary hotel room, e.g. during a business trip, then make the world a beautiful place again with yoga... You can always count on your you can always count on.
We wish you many wonderful adventures and experiences. If you have any questions questions about your travel yoga mat, you can reach our competent service team by phone or by e-mail. Details of all the travel yoga mats briefly presented here can of course be found in the product descriptions can be found in the product descriptions

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