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Yoga mat yogimat® nature - organic virgin wool

The yoga mat made of BIO virgin wool. Skin-friendly natural fibre mat made of pure sheep virgin wool with a non-slip natural latex base.

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What is special about the Yogamat natural (organic virgin wool)?

  • It doesn't get any warmer, softer and fluffier than this - a yoga mat for everyone who really wants to feel good.
  • This mat is ideal for restorative yoga, for example Yoga excellent. Perfect also for therapy rooms and seminar houses!
  • Also when it comes to virgin wool, organic is simply the best choice.

Naturally the Yogamat yogimat natur certified and ecologically sustainable

  • Organic certified virgin wool

Learn about the yogamat yogimat natur in detail get to know

The Yogimat natur (organic virgin wool) is a mat that stands out for its naturalness Naturalness. It protects against cold floors and can be used for both Asana practice as well as for relaxation exercises, for example, exercises that are performed while lying down. The yogamat yogimat natural (organic virgin wool) is often used as equipment for therapy rooms, seminar houses, meditation retreat centres, etc, Meditation retreat centres, etc., but it is also popular with yoga studios and for yoga studios and for the asana-home-practice. Although we offer in our assortment Alternatives with even higher slip resistance in our range, the slip resistance of this yoga mat of this yoga mat should not be underestimated. Many users are surprised by it.

The fact that the mat also sticks well to the floor is made possible by the very non-slip natural latex underside (with 15% polyester content). This special version of the yogimat natur yoga mat is made of Wool, because there are great differences in the production of wool, so that the organic the organic seal is important to us - especially for animal welfare reasons Animal welfare reasons.

The Yogimat natural has a pleasant pile height and very good durability. You will enjoy this yoga mat for a long time - and it's easy to clean, as you can see in the as you can read in the FAQ.

The Yogimat natural yoga mat is one of the classics in our range: YOGISTAR has been yOGISTAR has had this mat in its portfolio for a very long time and continues to receive Feedback about it. The fact that the yogamat yogimat natur is still one of the bestselling Yogimat natur is still one of the bestsellers and so many yogis remain loyal to it Popularity and shows that quality sometimes lies in the simple things. It yoga mat is a real feel-good mat, the key words being "deceleration" and "back to nature": Deceleration and "back to the roots"! One advantage of the yogimat natural yoga mat yogimat natur is the great choice of sizes in which it is available from very large to a more manageable small format, there are four different sizes are available - everyone can find the size that suits them best size that suits him or her.

Are you one of those yogis who are sensitive to the cold of the floor? You like wool and and feel especially comfortable with pure new wool? Do you value organic products? You practice a lot of Restorative Yoga and want a warm, fluffy mat? You want a mat that is just a little bit different from plastic or rubber mats? or rubber mats? Then the yogimat natural yoga mat is exactly your mat!

What makes YOGISTAR so popular with so many yoginis and yogis so popular?

  • YOGISTAR is the competent specialist in all aspects of Yoga equipment and relies on many years of experience as well as genuine love for the Yoga practice.
  • Natural materials play an important role at YOGISTAR important role and make up a large part of the range.
  • YOGISTAR is committed to charity projects and is aware of its social responsibility - because "Yoga off the Mat" also counts.

FAQs: The most frequent Questions about your new yogamat yogimat natur

  • Can I use wash the yogamat yogimat natur (organic virgin wool)? If so, how?
    This mat is a natural product. Wool regenerates in the air - therefore it is recommended to air the mat regularly. The best form of cleaning is to leave the Mat in the snow like a good carpet in winter and then tapping it out or then beaten out or simply left outside to freeze in sub-zero temperatures in sub-zero temperatures. Smaller stains can be blotted out with a Wool washing solution. If further cleaning is required, you can you can machine wash the mat on a cold wool or silk cycle or silk wash cycle. Please use a good wool detergent. To smooth the pile after washing, the mat can be the mat can be groomed with a steel brush.
Entire description

Free time, Yoga
95% organic sheep's wool pile 5% latex backing
Suitable bag
Yogibag basic zip extra big (depending on size)
Suitable for allergic
Slip resistance
Very good
washable in the wool programme
For studios
Very good
2.15 kg
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Vera writes:
Good morning, the yoga mat is the best purchase I have made recently.
It's a great feeling of warmth, familiarity and it warms me up perfectly from underneath. It makes yoga fun on the floor even in the cold season and looks really good too.
Best greetings from the Taunus on the edge of the Westerwald and happy Easter for the whole team
Carli writes:
The dream :) :) :)
I have never had a better mat! Perfect for Yin Yoga and older yogis!
Johanna writes:
Super comfortable. Quite non-slip.
Because it is soft and warm, I like to use this mat for yin yoga.
Juliane writes:
I can only agree with the other commentators - but I still send it back because the hands slip away when doing the downward dog. Perfect for all lying and quadruped exercises - but not for exercises like the downward dog. You need a sticky mat for that
Anne writes:
Price/Performance Super
Anne writes:
The mat meets my expectations in terms of price / performance
Patrick writes:
A very good and pleasant yoga mat and also delivered super fast to Switzerland.
I am very satisfied. I use the mat mainly on parquet floors and it is pleasantly soft. As mentioned in the description, it's not perfectly non-slip, but that doesn't bother me too much. I would buy the mat again immediately.
Francesca writes:
Excellent quality, exceptional service, everything is perfect!
Fee writes:
I am really happy about this yoga mat, I find it super warming especially for the cold days.the smell of sheep is not so strong,but pleasant!if you are tall you should get the longer one.
Heike writes:
As I am a very cold yoga student, I did exactly the right thing by buying the virgin wool mat! Very, very comfortable, soft and warm-awesome!
BRUNNER writes:
Livraison très rapide
Le produit correspond parfaitement
Je l’ai tester ce matin ... un bonheur
Un grand merci
Christiane writes:
I bought the Natur yoga mat recently and have only used it once so far. I find it wonderful, pleasantly soft. I am very satisfied and can only recommend it!
Anja writes:
Super yoga mat! Very fluffy and great quality at a fair price.
Jutta writes:
This mat is wonderfully soft, warm in winter and pleasantly cooling in summer. I am very enthusiastic!
Sonja writes:
I use the mat as a bedside rug. Wonderful feeling, the first step into the day.
Christine writes:
A real pleasure - also for resting.
Gudula writes:
the mat is wonderfully soft and fluffy. The shipping worked wonderfully.
Anna writes:
Sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt! Es wurde sehr schnell geliefert und customer service war auch wirklich sehr net und hilfreich!! Ich würde in zukunft sicher wieder einkaufen!

Vielen herzlichen Dank
kerstin writes:
The mat is so cuddly I'm almost going mad!!!
Great mat made of natural materials, thumbs up!
Clarence writes:
Very happy with this product so far and with the quality of the wool, which looks and feels very natural! Delivered in good time! Thanks
T writes:
Tolle Yogamatte. Sehr gute Dämpfung. Stabil ist sie auch. Ein wenig rutschig wird sie nur wenn die Füße nass sind, aber an sich ist sie ja eh eher für Meditation und gelassenere Übungen gedacht.
Igge writes:
My wife was pleased as punch...and she is a yoga teacher. Pure nature, soft? warm, cosy, stable
Ute writes:
Great yoga mat, soft, dense and high wool, does not fluff. I can only recommend it. Also great value for money.
Stefan writes:
Pleasant mat, nice and warm, slight smell of sheep - I like that!
have only had it for a short time, am very satisfied...durability will be seen.
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