Detergent powder 2,4 kg

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Building block 1 in the Sonett modular system.

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For all textiles made of cotton, linen, hemp and blended fabrics. The Sonett detergent contains pure plant soap as its main active ingredient. Soap is the closest washing substance to nature and to humans. Compared to all other surfactants, it has the ability to dispose of itself immediately after use by combining with the lime that is always present in waste water, and is then easily and completely degraded.

Application areas:
For everything coloured and white made of cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fibres from 40-95°C.
Not suitable for wool, silk and microfibres.

Product declaration:
Soap made from vegetable oils from controlled organic cultivation >30%
Clay minerals and silicates 15-30%
Soda 5-15%
Zeolite 5-15%
Coconut fatty alcohol sulphate 1-5%
Balsamic additives from contr. organic cultivation/wild collection <1%
Powder moisture 10-15%
Ingredient list according to EC 648/2004:
Sodium Soap*, Sodium Carbonate, Bentonite, Zeolite, Sodium C12-14 Fatty Alcohol Sulfate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Disilicate
*certified organically grown

Origin and properties of the ingredients:
The  Sonett detergent contains as its main active ingredient  soap made from various vegetable oils - palm oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil - by boiling with lye. The oils are 100% from organic or biodynamic cultivation. As a washing-active substance, soap uniquely combines all the dirt-wetting, dirt-dissolving and dirt-carrying properties necessary for the washing process. Soda is produced from the reaction of lime with common salt. Metasilicate is formed by the fusion of quartz sand and soda. Soda and metasilicate both strengthen the suds through their alkalinity and promote the detachment of greasy substances in particular. Zeolite A and phyllosilicate both have silicate rocks as their raw material. In addition to their ability to bind the lime in the water, these substances also bind the organic substances and colour pigments dissolved in the wash water and prevent them from settling on the laundry. Fatty alcohol sulphate, obtained from coconut fat, supports the soap in its fat dissolving power.
Product feature:                    
It is only through the modular system, with its separate dosing of the 3 main detergent ingredients:

  • Washing-active substances
  • Softener
  • bleach

is an optimal use of the individual substances according to the degree of soiling of the clothes, the hardness of the water and the very individual need for the whiteness of the laundry, really possible.
Soft water is an absolute prerequisite for a soap detergent. The modular principle thus creates the basis for being able to use the unsurpassed advantages of soap even with harder water.
We do not use any anti-caking agents, fillers, optical brighteners, phosphates or enzymes.
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Soap made from vegetable oils has the salient feature over all other washing-active substances that immediately after use it combines with the lime always present in waste water to form lime soap, thereby neutralising itself in its effect on living organisms (primary degradation).
The lime soap is then 100% degraded by microorganisms to carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation).
Coconut fatty alcohol sulphate, made from natural renewable raw materials, remains unchanged in its internal molecular structure during production. Therefore, it is easily recognisable and degradable by microorganisms in wastewater and thus quickly and completely reintegrates into the natural cycle.
The remaining components of the detergent, soda, clay minerals and silicates, are mineral substances that do not need to be broken down further in nature.

Soap and coconut fatty alcohol sulphate are considered readily biodegradable according to OECD. 

Entire description

2.4 kg
Legal notice
Keep out of reach of children.
Storage advice
Store between 10 and 25°C if possible.
2.56 kg
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