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Gentle towards the mat and the environment and pleasant fragrance, the organic yoga mat cleaner keeps your yoga mat wonderfully clean and fresh.

A well-maintained, hygienic mat - no problem with the organic yoga mat cleaner

Your Yoga mat has to put up with a lot - after all, most yoga sessions involve a lot of sweat and dirt Yoga sessions, and depending on how often you take your mat to events or maybe even your mat to events or perhaps even roll it outdoors, it will inevitably get dirty on the floor soiling from the floor, etc. How can you keep your yoga mat keep your yoga mat fresh and clean without constantly washing it in the washing machine washing machine (which is not possible with many models)? The Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner is the perfect choice! The organic Yoga mat cleaner is ideal for various yoga mat models made of different made of different materials. Common yoga mat materials are cleaned gently but effectively by the yoga mat cleaner yoga mat cleaner gently but effectively. It does not only surface dirt is wiped off, but bacteria are also thoroughly removed removed. At the same time, the organic yoga mat cleaner exudes a pleasantly fresh scent that Fragrance, which additionally contributes to the renewed feeling of well-being on the mat.

The Organic yoga mat cleaner is easy and uncomplicated to use and is economical economical in use.

The organic yoga mat cleaner convinces with the power of nature

The Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner is of course certified organic according to its name and owes its popularity above all to its completely natural ingredients Ingredients. Hardly anyone would feel good about cleaning their yoga mat with a yoga mat with a "chemical club". We too prefer to rely on the The power of nature and natural essential oils and surfactants, as they are used in this used in this organic yoga mat cleaner. YOGISTAR provides us with mat cleaner, an excellent natural product whose INCI list is a pleasure to read without list is a pleasure to read without any worries. All ingredients and further detailed information for you in the product description.

Since the Yoga mat cleaner is a natural product, its scent also smells natural and smells natural and not artificial. More about the different great scents:

Which fragrance is your Favourite scent? - The organic yoga mat cleaner is available in three great varieties available

The Organic yoga mat cleaner gets its beautiful and unobtrusive fragrance from natural essential oils. You can literally smell how wonderfully fresh it leaves your mat it leaves your mat.

These are the three scents you can choose from in our organic yoga mat cleaner Yoga mat cleaner:

  • Fresh Lavender
    Lavender - in Provence, it blooms as far as the eye can see and bathes entire Fields in its typical violet. In soaps, scented pillows and lotions, its scent has always been Scent has always been particularly popular. If you also love the clear and soothing The clear and calming scent of lavender, the Bio Yoga Mat Cleaner Fresh Lavender is exactly the right the right kind for you.
  • Fresh Orange
    Orange fragrances are the epitome of freshness, lightness, exhilaration and Joie de vivre. The Fresh Orange variety also echoes all of this. Will Fresh Orange your favourite yoga mat cleaner?
  • Fresh Rosemary
    Invigorating and with spicy power, rosemary stimulates the senses. Its unmistakable scent is characteristic for the organic yoga mat cleaner in the Variety Fresh Rosemary.

The organic yoga mat cleaner preserves the grip of your yoga mat

A non-slip yoga mat should remain a non-slip yoga mat, because even even the cleanest yoga mat is of little use if you no longer have any grip on it grip on it. That's why a yoga mat cleaner must not impair the grip of the mat the grip of the mat. The organic yoga mat cleaner from our product range does not leave a lubricating film or any other slippery residue. Some customers even report that their yoga mats seem to be even more non-slip since they started using the organic yoga mat cleaner.

With the organic yoga mat cleaner supports social projects

Since the Yoga, and wherever ethics, compassion and a sense of responsibility are And a sense of responsibility are important aspects of yoga this product is linked to social commitment: With the Yoga mat cleaner contributes to the creation and preservation of jobs for socially disadvantaged for socially disadvantaged people, as the bottles are labelled as part of a social project social project.

The organic yoga mat cleaner is environmentally friendly

This yoga mat cleaner is environmentally friendly because the the formula is completely chemical-free and consists of 95% organic ingredients Organic ingredients. But it is not only the cleaner itself that does not pollute the The environment, the packaging is also environmentally friendly, because the bottle is free of petroleum.

Spray it on, wipe over, done... That's how uncomplicated the organic yoga mat cleaner is
The yoga mat cleaner cleans your yoga mat in the twinkling of an eye and without any without any lengthy procedure. Simply spray it on and wipe with a cloth or tissue Cloth or tissue. Of course, this is particularly practical for yoga teachers and yoga studio owners who have a large number of yoga mats in their equipment and who and have to ensure good hygiene for all of them at all times. If you too have a large consumption, then you might be interested in the canister size of the Bio Yoga mat cleaner could be interesting for you:

For yoga studios and yoga schools: the organic yoga mat cleaner in the 10-litre size

You don't just need the organic yoga mat cleaner for private use, but you have a variety of yoga mats in your yoga centre, studio or retreat Retreat centre that you would like to clean regularly? Then our large our large canister, which offers you a supply of 10 litres of BioYoga Mat Cleaner. The canister is a great value option, to stock up on the organic yoga mat cleaner.

With the Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner makes cleaning your mat fun

The yoga mat should remain permanently clean and hygienic, that's clear. If you don't have the famous "cleaning mania" or like to spend time at the At the washing machine, cleaning the yoga mat has probably been one of the more probably belonged to the somewhat annoying necessities. With the Bio Yoga mat cleaner, however, cleaning the yoga mat is so simple, quick and and uncomplicated that it is even fun - especially as the great fresh scent fresh scent makes you want to use the great natural cleaning spray frequently to make frequent use of the great natural cleaning spray. And afterwards you are rewarded with a mat that is as clean as if it were your own, as clean as if it were new.

The organic yoga mat cleaner has a large Fan base

The organic yoga mat cleaner has quickly become one of the most popular products in our range most popular products in our range. As soon as it was available, its "fan community" grew rapidly, because it really is a top Top product and serves everyone who owns a yoga mat well. Whoever uses the Once you have tried the organic yoga mat cleaner, you won't want to miss it without it. We are quite sure. You too will love the organic yoga mat cleaner yoga mat cleaner.
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